Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Boar

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Product Description:

Specifications of Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Board:

Magnesium Fireproof Board is light weight, insulation, fireproof, waterproof, used widely for ceiling, partition

Detailed Information Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Board:

Magnesium oxide board (mgo board) compositions:

It is made of mgo, mgcl2, fiberglass mesh cloth, wood chip, expanded perlite etc. Active mgo as the main fire-resist material in mgo board, and high quality mgcl2 as the main cementing material to solodify other material, alkali-resistance fiberglass mesh was used to ensure the board's strength, and expanded perlite as the filling material. So it's not only lightweight bust also fireproof!

Application of Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Board: 

Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Boar

Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Boar

Application of Vermiculite Back Wall Board Magnesium Fireproof Board: 

Partition, ceiling, sandwich board skin, table, desk, bar counter, wall, fireproof system wall, flooring, door etc.

Common Tools: 

1. knife

2. diamond saw balde

3. portable cutting machine

4. pneumatic gun nail

5. self-tapping screws

Smooth surface can be pasted with pvc, wallpaper, aluminum sheet, color steel etc. Also can be painted and slotted.                                                                        

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