Usb 20000mAh Tablet Power Bank, Ultra Slim Power Bank For Mobile Phones and Tablets

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Material: Metal,Aluminium.Alloy Color: Black

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Model No.:20000mAh tablet Power Bank Size:85X41X18mm
Color:OEM power bankMaterial:metal,aluminium.alloy
Cell Type:li-polymer batteryCapacity:20000mah
Socket Type:usbCertificate:CE/ RoHs/ FCC
Compatible Brand:for Smartphone/iphone/ipad/SamsungLogo:OEM& ODM
Package:White Box,Color BoxLead time:5 days 


Usb 20000mAh Tablet Power Bank, Ultra Slim Power Bank For  Mobile Phones and Tablets

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1.Is there MOQ?

For sample order,there is no MOQ.But we suggest to get 3-5pcs to make youself impression about the average quality.

For bulk order,if you need your custom design of products and packing,Moq is 1000pcs.


2.How fast do you delivery?

For sample order,it cost 3-5 days before you receive it by DHL.

For bulk products,it cost 5-20 days.According to the shipping way.


3.How to pay?

30% deposit,70% balance before shipping by TT.Western union.

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