Up-blowing Single Layer Blown Film Machine

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  Film produced by this series has advantage as: low cost, even thickness, high transparency, excellent plastination and so on. It’s an ideal packing material for agricultural use, milk packing, liquid packing, garbage bag and farmland film.  







Max. product layflat width






Product thickness






Screw DIM.






Screw ratio L/D


Max. screw speed

110 r/min


35 kg/h

50 kg/h


70 kg/h

110 kg/h

Raw material


Main motor power


11 kw


18.5 kw

30 kw

Die type

Spiral type

Clamping method



Haul-off motor power


1.1 kw


2.2 kw

Haul-off speed

0-80 m/min

0-60 m/min

Winding method

Winding on surface


30 kgf moment

40 kgf moment

50 kgf moment

60 kgf moment

80 kgf moment

Winding speed

0-80 m/min

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Q:Vacuum dewatering oil filter and coalescence separation dehydration, which dehydration effect is strong?
Vacuum dehydration oil filter, this is not clear what you say is dehydration, and if it is coalescence separation, then the same effect as coalescence dehydration. If it is centrifugal, heating, sedimentation and other dehydration methods, there will be different effects.Vacuum dehydration oil filters are in fact a general term for negative pressure power supply. What you should know is what method of dehydration is used If it is the coalescing filter, then it is the poly series dehydration product, but the direction of the power is different.
Q:What is the difference or connection between the oil filter and the oil filter?
The same function, one is installed in a part of a system, and the oil filter can move, do not need other devices can be completed independently
Q:How much is the 90 screw frying machine?
Oil press related configuration, such as speculation machine, oil filter, peanut sheller, conveyor and so on the specific configuration.The difference between the new and the old, the old models of oil press consumption of TV, slow, relatively cheap price.
Q:How often does the oil filter in the turbine run oil filter change? Thank you for
As for testing the water content once every 1 hours, if the single filter impurities, see oil filter outlet overvoltage indicator, it immediately for action. This oil filter is on duty, isn't it?
Q:Which filter is the best for peanut oil filter?
The peanut oil filter is divided into centrifugal oil filter, plate and frame oil filter and vacuum oil filter
Q:How to select oil filter in small hydropower station?
Hydropower stations are mainly turbine oil and insulating oil. The common methods for oil purification include pressure filtration and vacuum filtration,
Q:Can hydraulic oil filters change color after filtration?
We asked to call the past, they say that in addition to any other color, the new oil index can reach, Katoo foreign ah, Pall filter oil machine and so on have not heard what "bleaching" regeneration of waste oil of this road is very difficult, even if the landlord.
Q:Can vacuum turbine oil filters be used to filter transformer oils?
And the purification treatment of vacuum oil turbine oil machine is generally a single stage vacuum treatment, vacuum oil purification of transformer oil is the general requirements for vacuum ZYAXD double stage vacuum oil filter (below 110KV units and small transformer can use ZY single stage vacuum oil filter). This is because the requirement of improving the withstand voltage of transformer oil, vacuum oil filter ordinary machine, vacuum is not enough, not deep water filtration, with current technology only adopts double stage vacuum oil filter to enhance vacuum, vacuum flash ability to increase transformer oil content decreased to 30ppm and below.4. summary: if the requirements are not the same, the theory can be dealt with, but is generally not recommended, two kinds of oil additives are not the same, with a general oil filter is easy to cause the oil mixed pollution, and the use of different occasions, the requirements are not the same, TYAXD turbine oil filter oil machine processing of transformer oil is likely to reach the technical requirements, so in order to facilitate and ensure the filtering effect, oil filter is the best to buy a special filter and transformer oil, thus reducing the cost of the use of
Q:When peanut oil filter oil filter oil dregs particularly what is going on
Peanut oil filter oil filter oil dregs more, the first is the oil material is dirty, second fried fry old, is fried.
Q:What is the meaning of cleanliness of oil filter less than or equal to 6?
The concept of cleanliness first appeared and applied to the aerospace industry. In early 60s, American Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Aerospace Industries Association (SAE) began using uniform cleanliness standards, which were applied to the aviation and automotive industries. Cleanliness of electromechanical instruments is a very important quality index. Cleanliness indicates the amount of dirt left on the surface of a part or product after cleaning. In general, the amount of dirt including type, shape and size, quantity, weight and other indicators; what specific index depends on different dirt, the impact on the product quality and cleanliness control accuracy requirements.

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