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1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:How do you know the bed frame when you buy a bed?
4 defects of bad wood: split, scarring, bug, mildew, to all the details to view the bed at the time of purchase, purchase to ensure that no defective bed.If there is cracking, of course, can not buy, or else with the use of this split part of the more and more fierce, it would not be worth the candle. If the front has scarred, the same position on the back there is also this scar, this scar basically belongs to a knot, a long time, will fall, so have the defects of furniture is absolutely can't buy. At the same time, although many furniture known as drying, degreasing treatment, you also need to carefully check and think, can not believe all the merchants said "N" re drying treatment. Mildew in the physical store to see, usually does not appear. Is wood green, traces of water phenomenon. Mainly received goods, and when the master moved to install, to check clearly, the emergence of these problems, the absolute response to the business.
Q:What's the foot of a 1.2 meter *1.5?
The quilt is generally larger than the bed, and the core size of the 1.5 meter bed is: 1.8 meters *2.1 meters;Single summer quilt: 1.5 meters *2 metersSingle winter quilt: 1.8 meters, *2.1 meters or 1.8 meters, *2.2 metersDouble quilt: 2 meters, *2.3 meters or 2.2 meters, *2.4 meters
Q:where can I buy dorm room bedding?
i saw that bed,bath beyond has dorm size sheets..(larger twin beds).. they were also very nice GOOD LUCKK
Q:Making the bed?
I used to be obsessed with making my bed each morning. Then I thought, Why am I doing this? Nobody but me sees it and I'll be back soon anyway. So I quit. I just arrange things so it looks neat and tidy and forget it.
Q:Question about platform beds?
platform beds great, because they use more vertical space and horizontal, and it can give you some space underneath the bed to work with. Many people's bedrooms get cluttered with many things they don't know what to do with, and the reason is simply that their bedroom is too small. A platform bed can certainly alleviate this problem. These are favored method of interior designers, because they are a quick and easy way to help you to de-clutter your room and get in top shape as quickly as possible. Another great thing about platform beds that they usually give you a firm cushioning, without the use of a box spring. Usually, people will put a special mattress on their platform bed made of foam, in order to give it a softer feel.
Q:The old wooden house, night stand total creak of the ring, how to make the bed board does not ring?
In the bar with tenon screws under the bed can be changed
Q:When do I have to switch him from a toddler bed to a twin bed?
I would let him continue to use the toddler bed since he likes it so much. I think that you can get racecar beds that are twin size though.
Q:How to choose the material of the bed
The style of the bed should be different from that of the decoration in different styles. The Korean style is simple and beautiful, the European style is luxurious and rich, the American atmosphere is heroic, the Chinese style is restrained and elegant, and the Southeast Asian style is natural and honest. Therefore, the style of the bed should be matched with the decoration style of the whole house. However, the general garden style bed can be decorated with a variety of styles of decoration.
Q:How much is the sky mattress in Xianghe?
Should not be expensive, but not recommended to buy, because the name of the mattress has not heard of, the mattress is roughly divided into soft, moderate, hard several, when buying, according to their actual situation to buy soft and comfortable mattress
Q:What brand of bed is good
Compare the major brands of the bed, select the style they like on the Internet, the United States Lele to provide matching columns, European style, American style, Chinese style, modern style, Mediterranean style and other ten furniture popular style.

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