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Modern Soft PU Bed with Drawer

1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Love dream bed frame and mattress and bedding set, the selling price is how much?
Latex mattresses and natural latex mattresses are different, of course! Natural latex mattress than general latex mattress, the overall more stable, more uniform force, more durable, can better support your body.
Q:Need to bunk beds without drilling holes?
get some plastic tube slightly larger than the bed legs. Place four pieces over bottom bed legs long enough to leave a tube to put the top bed legs into (be careful if turned or reduced legs) you may have to experiment. the sideways force should not be that strong so drain pipe Comes round and square should be ok. Use common sense and test thoroughly before letting others sleep in it
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Q:Making your bed survey?
Can you answer these questions please? (okay.) It's a survey. (yeah.) 1. Would rather have a bed that takes less than a minute to make? (Nah..) 2. Is making your bed neat hard? (not really, just pull up sheets and tuck in tightly. then fold blanket on end.) 3. would you rather have a bed set with the same quality and comfort as a regular bed set but less time consuming? (What's a bed set? Like a mattress? I guess...?) 4. does making your bed take up too much time? (Not really. I sleep on my covers with a blanket and the comforter is tucked in really tight, so it never needs fixing...) okay, youre welcome(:
Q:what is the name of this bed?
This okorder.com/
Q:What time do you normally go to bed?
like 12:30 or 1. I start school at 8:15
Q:futon beds that are cheap?
Hi, okorder.com
Q:Where can I find modern platform bed?
You okorder.com/
Q:Toddler bed or twin bed?
Skip the toddler bed, by the time they're too big for a crib, the toddler bed wont get them very far. Might as well save your money and just get the twin bed when its time. The time to move them out of the crib totally depends on the kid. My oldest was in his crib until he was almost 3 (and he was a big boy!) but he never disliked it. Our youngest had to move out of his crib when he was 22 months because he figured out how to crawl out of it. If you want to move your toddler out before your next baby is born, go ahead and move him, at least a month before hand so he has time to get used to it. And get a door handle cover so he can't get out and roam the house! (trust me!)

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