Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Shanghai, China (Mainland)

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elevator lift motor


Construction Hoist

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Maximum Lifting Weight:

elevator lift motor

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elevator lift motor




1 year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Cage door optional:

Single, Double

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Bare and wooden boxes in container
Delivery Detail:7-15 days after receiving T/T payment

construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor,we are factory of  construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor and construction hoist spare construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor.

construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor,we are factory of  construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor and construction hoist spare construction hoist motor 2&3 Phase Motor.

Product Description


Brand RuiBiao
ColorAs your requirement
Rope speed   22m/min


PackingWooden case
Delivery7-15days after receiving T/T payment

Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

Top quality 11/15kw construction elevator parts,tower crane elevator lift motor

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Q:What are the control methods of the stepper motor and what are the important control signals needed?
1., there should be a drive unit which is compatible with the motor.The 2. drive unit needs an external pulse train and a directional control pulse signal. Simple applications can be implemented with electronic circuitry.3., the general control device, such as single-chip microcomputer system, to drive the unit to provide the corresponding pulse, directional signals. If speed changes are needed, the software often requires a process of acceleration and deceleration.
Q:What is the reason that the stepper motor can not operate at high speed?
Number of pulses can be controlled by controlling the angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time by controlling the pulse frequency to control the motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed. Stepper motor can be used as a special motor for control. It is widely used in all kinds of open-loop control without the accumulation of error (accuracy 100%).Now more commonly used stepper motor, including reactive stepping motor (VR), permanent magnet stepper motor (PM), hybrid stepping motor (HB) and single-phase stepper motor.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of stepping motors?
The advantages of the stepper motor are as follows:1. when the motor is stopped, it has the maximum torque (when the winding is exciting);2. the angle of rotation of the motor is proportional to the number of pulses;The response of the 3. motor is determined only by the digital input pulse, so open-loop control can be employed, which allows the structure of the motor to be relatively simple and control costs;4. due to step precision in three percent to five percent, and the error will not be one step to the next step of the accumulation of good repeatability and position accuracy and motion;5. excellent start stop and reverse response;6. because there is no brush, the reliability is high, so the life of the motor only depends on the life of the bearing;
Q:What about stepping motor stepping off? What's the way to overcome it? Thank you
There are several reasons: 1. too much load. 2. excessive speed. Increase holding torque. Increasing the voltage of the drive can also achieve results
Q:The difference between a servomotor and a stepping motor
The control accuracy of the AC servo motor is guaranteed by the rotary encoder at the back of the motor shaft. Taking Panasonic digital AC servo motor as an example, for a motor with a standard 2500 line encoder, the pulse equivalent is 360 degrees /10000=0.036 degrees due to the adoption of the four octave technique in the drive. For a motor with a 17 bit encoder, the drive turns 217=131072 pulses per receiver, i.e., its pulse equivalent is 360 DEG /131072=9.89 sec. It is the pulse equivalent 1/655 of stepping motor with step angle of 1.8 degrees.
Q:The speed range of the left and right moving platform controlled by the screw and step motor
500mm/ seconds.Because the speed of the stepper motor determines the torque of the stepper motor, the speed of the small step motor is very high, but the torque is too small. Although the torque of the stepper motor is relatively large, the starting torque and speed are not high.
Q:What does the number of phases in a stepper motor mean?
Step motor for general two-phase and three-phase 0.9 DEG /1.8 DEG to 0.75 DEG /1.5 DEG, the five phase is 0.36 DEG /0.72 DEG. In the absence of subdivision drive, users mainly depends on the number of different phase stepper motor to meet their own requirements of step angle
Q:What is the difference between two phase and three phase / five phase of stepping motor? Thank you
Phase number of stepping motor:Refers to the number of coils inside the motor, the current commonly used in two-phase, three-phase, four phase, five phase stepper motor. The motor phase number is different, and the step angle is different. The step angle of the general two-phase motor is 0.9 DEG /1.8 degrees, the three-phase is 0.75 DEG /1.5 degrees, and the five phase is 0.36 degrees /0.72 degrees. In the absence of subdivision drive, the user mainly depends on the choice of different number of stepper motors to meet the requirements of their own step angle. If you use a subdivision drive, the number of phases will become meaningless and the user can change the step angle just by changing the fine fraction on the drive.
Q:Is the hybrid stepping motor the direct current servo motor?
The advantages of hybrid servo system 1. closed-loop control technology of AC servo system, and do not lose step. The position encoder is installed so that the motor has the closed loop characteristic of the servo motor, and fundamentally solves the problem of losing step of the traditional stepping motor
Q:What is a stepper motor?
There are 2 kinds of motors, not servo motors or stepping motors. The servo is better, but the price is higher. Choosing the right stepping motor according to the accuracy can save the cost.

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