SYV-50 Series Solid Polyethylene Insulated RF Coaxial Cable

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According to the standards of GB/T14864-1993.For analog signal below 1GHz, and high-speed digital signal transmission.

      Cable insulation imports of polyethylene insulation material, to ensure the stability of the transmission performance and mechanical properties.

  Suitable for singal transmission in the television,communication,computer and electronic system etc.

TypeInner conductorInsulationOuter conductorJacket
Materialsn/mmdiameterdiameterbraided screendensitythicknessdiameter
SYV-50-2-1soft copper7×0.160.481.50single≥91%0.432.8
SYV-50-2-41soft copper1×0.680.682.20single≥91%0.564.0
SYV-50-3-1soft copper7×0.320.962.95single≥91%0.755.0
SYV-50-3-4soft copper1×0.900.902.95single≥91%0.755.0
SYV-50-3-41soft copper1×0.900.902.95single≥91%0.805.8
SYV-50-5-1soft copper1×1.401.404.80single≥91%0.887.2
SYV-50-5-41soft copper1×1.401.404.80double≥91%0.927.9
SYV-50-7-2soft copper7×0.752.257.25single≥91%1.0510.3
SYV-50-7-41soft copper7×0.752.257.25double≥91%1.1011.0
SYV-50-9-41soft copper7×0.952.859.0single≥91%1.1812.2
SYV-50-12-41soft copper7×1.153.4511.5single≥91%1.3015.0



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Q:What could I use as a substitute for the power cable running to my car amp?
saftey wise buy a new wire if you go best buy curcuit city you can buy the red power cable by the foot
Q:What is that black box on power cables?
its a transformer to cut the mains plug voltage down to the same voltage as the battery which will be around 16volts to 20 volts for a laptop,the desktop PC will have the same transformer built into the tower casing beside the fan,but you just cannot see it, and there will be a voltage selector switch for the country you are using it in ie-UK =220-240volts, USA=110 volts or similar,both the laptops and desktops use the same internal operating low voltages,and mains voltage would fry everything inside ,that's why they are fitted with the transformers.
Q:What power cables do I need for this graphics card?
It needs 150w through the 8 pin connector and 75w through the 6 pin connector, in addition to the 75w it draws through the PCI bus. You can see the connectors in pictures of the card. These are standard connectors on an ATX12V v2.2 power supply, but you will need to make sure the power supply says 2 x 6+2-Pin for PCI Express power connectors. One or two six-pin connectors alone isn't sufficient.
Q:the screen gets dark when i plug in the power cable on my asus laptop.?
Usually it's the other way around. When it's on Battery power the screen should be dimmer to save on battery usage. I'm not sure about Asus but my Acer has power settings for when you are on Battery power or plugged in. Poke around to see if there are settings similar on your computer. It might be under display in the control panel.
Q:PS3 Slim, hanging then yanking the power cable?
I don't think its the game cause I mine hangs to and I don't even have Deus Ex. pulling the Power cord ain't really a good idea it can lead to some issues
Q:Ipad charge does not enter the charge does not support this accessory charge
You ask this is too professional, it is difficult to answer, to ask the air conditioning technical staff Caixing.
Q:What does an AMD Radeon HD 7850 power adapter cable look like?
I have never seen one in my life! But have you researched it on google?
Q:What are the requirements for the spacing between the strong and weak wires?
Notebook does not have the opportunity to DIY. The reasons are as follows: Notebook motherboard non-versatile motherboard, the shape of the motherboard, positioning holes, screw holes are not uniform standards, each manufacturer's motherboards are their own engineers and then open factory production model. Notebook shell corresponding to the interface location, type and screw hole location is with a specific motherboard supporting.
Q:Power cable inspection, how many meters should be sampled?
meaning: ZR represents the flame retardant properties YJ said cross-linked polyethylene insulation V said PVC jacket ZR-YJV table red copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable 4 * 70 + 1 * 35 said 4 core 70mm2 + 1 core 35mm2
Q:I am planning to buy a unit inside a condo which is near the power cable line. Is this safe?
I can only tell you what my husband would say. He is a chemist and has done a lot of research on Electromagnetic Fields. He wouldn't buy it! Thirty years ago, he threw out our electric blankets! He moved the clock radio and phone off the nightstand! When he gets a call on his cell phone, he puts it on speakerphone and holds it away from his head! Obviously, he thinks there is something bad with EMFs. He would advise looking at other properties!

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