stranded cu bare wire

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Quick Details

  • Steel Grade:copper clad steel wire

  • Standard:AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

  • Wire Gauge:0.6-16

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Type:Copper Clad Steel Wire

  • Application:steel wire rope

  • Alloy Or Not:Non-alloy

  • Special Use:Cold Heading Steel

  • Model Number:60#

  • Brand Name:tuoxin

  • packing length:200-2000M/reel

  • Model Number:TXDT009

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden reel,palstic reel,soft coil or as customer's requirtment
Delivery Detail:one month


We can support
complete in specifications of
excellent quality steel wire ropes.
Welcome to contact me,

copper clad steel wire

surface treatment copper


Dia.ranges: 0.5mm ~ 10mm


Characteristics:felixable,mostly used

Easy installation,

enough strong and much more flexible than many types of cable.

High breaking strength,

protective performance is good

good flexibility, high temperature resistance,

erosion endurance, anti-fatigue and long serving life.

Production can be based on DIN, BS, MIL-W-834200 etc.

All wires in all strands have the same or similar core. FC is fiber core.

Our products are widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, textile industry, machinery, precision instrument, medical instrument, automobile, decoration, ships and other general areas. We can manufacture as per customer' specific requirements.

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a wire nut
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Resistance is directly proportional to the length of the wire, so a long wire will not have the least resistance. Fiberglass is an insulator, not a conductor, so its resistivity will be off the chart a hot wire has more particles moving around and more stuff for free charge to bump in to. so its out. That leaves thick wire as the one that with all other factors equal, will have the lowest resistance.
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And it is hundreds of similar resources, which may indicate you haven't really used the search engines. Just enter search terms like: telecaster wiring, guitar wiring, guitar schematics, guitar wiring diagrams and so on.
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You can get the harness at WalMart or Best Buy. It connects to the aftermarket radio and then just plugs right in to the vehicles harness.....unless you already hacked it off. The thing only cost about $15.00 and makes the installation process a breeze.
Q:wiring schematic for harley L.E.D. tail light?
The 5 wires to hook up the tail light and directionals. The tail light should take 3 wires. There should be a common ground which is the black / white wire. The white/ black wire and the brown wire are for the tail light(BR) and brake light (W/B). Easieset way is to take a test light to each of the wires. turn the ignition on, connect the test light to the wires one at a time. There should only be one wire that lights (tail light) then press the brake, there are two of those that should come on. Your original had two white/black wires because there were two bulbs in the original tail light. I would just use one white/black and cap the other one. Hook two to the tail light (W/B, Br) plus the black / white wire to ground of your new light. Then turn on one directional and there should be one that blinks with the test light and then the same for the other directional. wire one each to left and right plus to the black/white wire if each directional requires the ground.
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you mean for 4 channels or the connections are for rite and left channel the grounds just go rite to the car body from the speakers so your way just connect it up one side rite the other left but stay so they are = do mot use more wire on the rite side than the left good luck
Q:what are types of copper wire?
Copper wire for electric/electronic cables has lots of categories, such as solid, stranded, coaxial, ribbon, power, small signal, stripline, flexible, twisted pair, and others. But your division into crafts/electric is not too useful, as either type of wire can be used for the other. You can use electric wire for crafts and vv. You can also get copper wire for construction use. .

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