Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine in Shape

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Product Description:

Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine

1.Structure of steel tile roll forming machine:

Steel tile roll forming machine consists of feeding, forming, after forming cutting production of color plate smooth appearance beautiful appearances, uniform lacquer veins, high strength, durable, widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as workshop, warehouse, gymnasium, exhibition halls, theaters and other surface and wall.

2.Main Features of the steel tile roll forming machine:

The tile roll forming machine has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, colorful, beautiful appearance, convenient processing molding and the advantages of the the original strength of the steel plate and the cost is low.

First generation and second generation "automatic moulding color tile equipment" adopt "swinging cylinder driving sliding table", "swinging cylinder" belong to "moulded caigang watts equipment" is "extremely fragile" in accessories, if the forming speed is too fast, cause a large sliding table shock, buffer vibration easily, cause the tiles have crack, is the first and the second generation "stubborn" in the color tile equipment. So the fastest forming up to 6 pieces per minute. 

3.Steel tile roll forming machine Images


Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine in Shape

Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine in Shape

4.Steel tile roll forming machine Specification

Steel tile roll forming machine has a lot of parameters to set, by using the text screen or touch screen setting. Parameter setting, which has two kinds of equipment parameters and user setting.

Equipment parameters: single pulse length, impulse, molding, molding time, cutter and so on.

User parameters: the number, length, pitch, the first section, small section, section number, preloading and so on.

Main moter power 5.5KW

Hydraulic station power 4KW

Hydraulic oil pump CB-E310

Sprocket P-25.4

Roller station 13

Yield strength 32MPa

Diameter of principal axis 90MM

Material of roller 45#steel hard chrome plating

Processing speed 10-15m/min

Thickness 0.3-1.2 mm

Installation dimension about(L*W*H) 7.5*1.3*1.5M

Total weight 4.2T

Equipment parts includes:roll forming system, hydraulic system, PLC frequency conversion control system, counter, cutting system,decoiler .


We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely: 

1)Whats your machine installation & commissioning, training:

 1or2 technicians will be dispatched to Buyer’s plant for installation & commissioning. Work period: in 5 daysThe expense of round trip tickets, accommodation, safety and interpretation shall be covered by Buyer, additional pay allowance to the technicians.

2). Can you make machine according to my design?

Yes, we have experienced technical team to work out the suitable design for you and confirm with you until you agree.

 3). What is the warranty for our machine?

We have one year guarantee, and provide whole life's technical support.

 4).Is the machine automatic?

Yes, it can be manual and automatic.

 5).How to repair&maintain our machine ?

Generally,the hydraulic machine is not easy to break.even though the problem there is a small problemwe can solve it through email and video.

6).what policy for broken parts?

within one year,we offer free parts. If beyond one year,you need to buy by factory cost


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Q:How to choose the width of the bending machine
Under normal circumstances is the bending plate 6 to 8 times the bending radius of the smaller requirements, the lower slot corresponding to the smaller.
Q:Our company bought a bending machine, what precautions ah, not how to use. The
Workbench section: is operated by the button box, controlled by the CNC system to move the distance, the minimum value of 0.01 mm.
Q:Bending machine without pressure
Hydraulic equipment pressure, no pressure failure, should carry out the above checks.
Q:Bending machine bending when the slider down to the end of the sudden move, after a while and good, what is the reason
Exclusive at the foot of Mount Tai, Shandong Province is the collection of scientific research and development, manufacturing in one forging the professional equipment manufacturers.
Q:Is it necessary to press a steel
The small shears are just two sealed chlorine gas return cylinders.
Q:The use of hydraulic bending machines
Bending machine down to the bottom of the mold must ensure that there is a thick gap.
Q:I would like to buy a CNC bending machine, the main processing 3MM following carbon steel sheet, the accuracy requirements of 0.01. Do not know which brand of choice
Rack with steel welded structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity, and through the post-welding vibration aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress to ensure the overall accuracy of the fuselage.
Q:Master Will the next press down the pressure down there is no pressure on what is the problem
2, three-phase power phase modulation, resulting in motor reversal;
Q:General bending machine mold quenching hardness can reach how much?
Our experience is that the heat treatment of the bending machine mold is HRC38 ~ 42,
Q:Want to know some of the common problems and solutions for some of the hydraulic presses
1) There is no pressure on the return, the bender does not go on the slider.

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