SPGB SERIRES Shielding explosion-proof pump

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A, product overview
SPGB type completely without leakage blocking pipeline centrifugal pump series, the company is using Japanese technology, and absorb the shielding pump design and manufacture of professional international advanced technology, digestion and innovation of science and technology personnel, by our company newly launched the second generation of shielding pump product, this product is on the basis of the original improved electromagnetic core technology, improve the state of fluid motion, improve the efficiency by more than 10%, a higher level comprehensive performance index is more, the product is more ideal.
SPGB type shield pump is a pump motor and pump integrated structure products, advanced technology, static seal, no shaft seal, reliable performance is high, be totally without leakage, because of its low noise motor itself, together with shielding pump low failure rate, safe environmental protection, and the best maintenance cost advantages, such as wins the general customers, high quality for the Chinese market at the same time enhance the demand of the water pump.
Products are widely used in petrochemical, chemical industry, medicine, textile, nuclear power, military industry, shipbuilding and urban water supply and drainage, fire fighting pump, pressurized water supply in high-rise building, garden sprinkler irrigation, cold and hot water circulation pressurization in hvac refrigeration, etc.Particularly high requirements for vibration and noise, such as key project, pump room, central air conditioning and academy, and so on.Can also be used to transport pressure and does not produce crystallization and solidification temperature of the liquid.Especially harmful to the human body and the environment and unsafe liquid or liquid and so on. 
SPGB type pump can also play an important role on more projects, has also been the praise of users.  
Second, the product features
Type 1, SPGB shielding pump for can guarantee no leakage, it can transport to the human body and environment, harmful volatile and expensive equipment leakage of liquid. 
2, not to inhale air, suitable for vacuum system and metamorphic fluid conveying is exposed to air. 
3, without oil seal design, can reliably conveying pump is difficult to transport of high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and the change of temperature and pressure of liquid. 
4, bearing using conveying fluid lubrication by oneself, do not need lubricating oil, so no pollution conveying liquid, and dispense with the trouble that oil on a regular basis. 
5, the structure of the pump is reasonable, the motor and pump coaxial, small volume, light weight, cover an area of an area small, stable operation, easy installation, no need to adjust, convenient maintenance, do not need to adjust, easy maintenance. 
6, impeller adopts water thrust balance type design, make the rotor can be in the running in the suspension design, reduces the axial wear of graphite bearing, so as to improve the service life and reduce the operation cost. 
7 no cold to fan, motor, so the running noise and vibration is very small. 
8, pump import and export of the specifications of the flange design and standard valves are the same, and in the same center line, the center is low, easy to pipeline layout, pump room design is also reasonable and practical. 
9, the standardization of parts, high degree of serialization. 
10, junction box adopts waterproof structure, can be used in outdoor security. 
11, according to the requirement, that is, the flow and head of the pump series, in parallel operation mode. 
12, new USES of graphite bearing, high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, not aging, silt, etc.  
Three, use the product
Type 1, SPGB shielding pump can transport clean water and physical and chemical properties similar to other liquid Yu Qingshui, suitable medium temperature - 30 ℃ to + 90 ℃.Particularly applicable to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, fire pressurization, high-rise building construction pressurized water, garden sprinkler irrigation, long-distance transmission of hvac refrigeration cycle, cold and hot water circulation pressurization in the bathroom, etc, and form a complete set of equipment. 
Type 2, SPGR heat shielding pump occasions for the medium temperature is higher, suitable for medium temperature 100 ℃ to 380 ℃.Mainly applied to energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, paper making, textile and hotel, restaurant, bathroom etc. 
3, SPGT anti-corrosion type pump can transport not containing solid particles, suitable for petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical research institutions and synthetic fibre and other departments. 
4, the circle of SPGN inverse shielding pump for conveying liquid gas, liquefied petroleum gas medium.  
Fourth, working conditions
1, medium must be soft water, thin, solidify, nonflammable, fluid containing no solid particles and fibers. 
Type 2, SPG pump medium temperature not to exceed 90 degrees, SPGR type pump medium temperature not to exceed 380 degrees. 
3, general system working pressure is less than 1.2 mpa, inlet pressure not less than 0.05 mpa, special occasions you should contact with the company in advance. 
4, the highest pressure 1.6 MPa SPG shielding pump system, namely the pump suction + pump ≦ 1.6 MPa

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Q:How can we do to make the oxygen pump slow oxygen tank
The oxygen pump provides air, not oxygen. The proportion of oxygen in the air is not much fish, absorption of oxygen is dissolved in the water of oxygen, if the oxygen content to increase water should maximize to the water pump, increasing air and water contact, this may have the effect of.
Q:How to install the inside and outside chamfer of piston ring of air pump?
The piston ring is chamfered outward, the piston ring is flat in the cylinder liner, and the interface must have a certain opening gap. The piston ring shall be mounted on the piston, and in the ring groove, there must be a certain clearance along the height. The chrome plated ring shall be in the first line, and the opening shall not be directed towards the eddy current pit at the top of the piston. Each piston ring opening is staggered at 120 degrees, and the piston pin hole is not allowed to be facing. Taper section piston ring, the cone shall be upward when installing. When installing the twist ring, chamfer or chamfer shall be upward. When installing the combined ring, the axial lining ring shall be installed, and then the flat ring and the wave ring shall be installed. The wave ring is provided with two flat rings, and a flat ring is arranged at the lower part, and the openings shall be staggered with each other.
Q:How do you set the air pump to 4 pressure?
Air compressor can generally set the minimum Qidong pressure and the maximum stop pressure, directly on the top of the tune on the line, and adjust the side of the bleeding, as set to 4 pressure.Working principleThe working principle of the air pump is that the engine drives the air pump crankshaft through two triangle belts, thereby driving the piston to pump up air, and the produced gas is introduced into the air storage tank through the air guide pipe. On the other hand, the air reservoir is introduced into the pressure regulating valve of the air pump through a guiding pipe to control the air pressure in the air storage tank. When the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure, from the gas cylinder gas pressure valve can not enter the open top pressure regulating valve; when the air pressure in the air cylinder to the pressure regulating valve setting pressure, inlet gas pressure regulating valve from the gas cylinder top mixing pressure valve valve into the airway pressure valve and communicated with the transfer pump, and the normally open airway control pump inlet, so that the air pump load operation, to reduce the loss of power, to protect the pump. When the pressure in the air storage tank is lower than the pressure regulated by the pressure regulating valve because of the loss, the valve in the regulating valve is brought back by a return spring, and the control air path of the air pump is disconnected, and the air pump starts to inflate again.
Q:What brand is good for car mounted air pump?
The wind, wind, very Wang Rimula car, heard all these he good, can re select their own love compare.
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
See your pump is still not vibration, don't move it at electric power is not over, if you see in trachea have folded gas barrier. If these two conditions are not predict is retiring. No bubble pump to remove the cleaning, if it is already too long if you use a small screwdriver to vent hole at large point on the line.
Q:Can the vehicular inflator pump be used as the air source for the pneumatic dust removing gun?
Generally speaking, the air pump can not be used as the air source of the pneumatic dust removing gun.1, an on-board pump is used for inflating the tyres, cannot be directly used for pneumatic air. To pick up the dust gun, it should be connected to a small air compressor, in fact, that is the larger power of the pump, with dust removal effect of the car pump.2, the car inflatable pump must add a gas tank in order to be pneumatic dust removal gun gas source, or unstable air pressure, while the air pump can not work for a long time, will burn out.
Q:Does the oxygen pump for fish keep running?
If it's dense, it should be turned on
Q:How does the air pump spray the water gun (the principle of the car spray gun)?
The water gun is provided with a switch for controlling the work of the air pump. As long as the air pump works, the compressed air will siphon out the siphon. It uses the principle of siphon. When working, the air pump will squeeze water into a small tube, then spray it from the nozzle of the water gun. By adjusting the nozzle, the flow can be adjusted to a cluster current.
Q:The car isn't cold enough. Is it related to the air pump?
No refrigeration, there are many problems, such as lack of refrigerant, refrigerant leakage, compressor does not work, etc., you said that the air pump should be the compressor
Q:I want to change the refrigerator compressor to the air pump and ask for the wiring method
The starter is connected with a thread inserted under the compressor, and the plug heat protection is connected with a thread inserting compressor

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