Solid Wooden Composite Door for New Fashion

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Specifications of soild wooden door:



0.3mm nature wood skin

HDF Panel thickness

5mm/6mm/8mm/12mm available


Frame:Solid wood +HDF wood 

Door leaf: Solid fir wooden skeleton+high density HDF board+ Natural wooden skin veneer+5 layers high quality painting

Inside filling

Door leaf: Solid wood

Standard size

2000*800*40mm or customized size


Swing, sliding, folding


Reference to our color card


Lock, hinge, handle

Environmental Standards

Europe E1, Environment Friendly

Daily Capacity


Packing Details

PE film, Bubble plastic bag, strong carton


At least 6 years

Door Surface design

Diversified available


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Q:question on automatic door open in chevy impala?
From what you have stated you have a problem with the drivers door lock actuator.You should have the dealer or local repair check the operation of the drivers door lock actuator.They are going to find the problem there with the wiring or defective door lock actuator.Best of luck.
Q:Is it chivalrous to open an automatic door for a woman?
LOL, to open an automatic door for a woman? =P You are soooooooo not funny! I do no think there are a lot of men around who still know what it means to be chivalrous! =P I could be wrong, but I think not.
Q:Can the electric door be turned on by hand?
Yes. But very complicated.
Q:Electric door is to be able to open electricity is not how the matter ah
The torque is too big, or is the reverse of the relay problem
Q:how do i fix my automatic door lock/unlock key fob?
If the power door locks work when you use the lock button on the door (not the fob) then the door lock actuator motors are not the problem. If they do not lock with the door button, most likely the actuators will need to be replaced. Does the fob unlock the doors? if not, it could be that it is bad, or needs to be reprogrammed.
Q:The basic function of the automatic door
The door generally comprises a fixed portion of the door frame, and one or more openable portions of the door, the kinetic energy of which is primarily permitted and prohibited. Automatic door in addition to the above functions, there are the following features:  door opening and closing mechanization, automation, safe and reliable operation. Door opening and closing to achieve a motor drive, greatly reducing the entry and exit of labor intensity and efficiency. As a result of the use of advanced control technology and safety protection measures, so that access to automatic doors more secure and reliable. ⑵ door closed performance and energy saving performance. Automatic revolving door is open to the door regardless of which position is open and closed to the door, thus reducing heat loss, reducing dust intrusion, increasing airtightness and saving energy. Other types of automatic doors can also automatically close the door and can adjust the width of the door opening, but also increase its sealing and energy-saving performance. ⑶ automatic doors to enhance the decorative features of the building decoration. As the automatic doors widely used in the new design, new materials and new decoration materials, its shape and structure and the building will be more coordinated, more matching, and enhance the building landscaping function. ⑷ automatic doors can meet a variety of special features. According to different applications and different needs of a variety of special features of the automatic door came into being. For example, various forms of revolving door, foldable automatic revolving door, folding automatic door, retractable garden automatic door and so on.
Q:Can I fix my automatic door locks myself without having to go to a repair shop?
maximum Ford's from the 1990's on which have potential door locks have this characteristic. even as the motor vehicle is in equipment and achieves a % higher than i trust 3 mph the doors lock. My 2000 Mercury Mountaineer does an same element. and that i'm sorry your boyfriend is an fool who would not comprehend something about straight forward mechanics of an motor vehicle.
Q:do automatic garage door opener adjustments become uncalibrated automatically?
I'd suspect that the springs that support/counterweight the door have weakened with age. The opener doesn't have much to do with how hard the door comes down. You can set how much force is applied before the door reverses but even the most powerful garage door opener doesn't really apply lethal force. Try disconnecting the door from the opener. It has a release to allow opening the door in the event of a power failure. It should be possible to open the door with your fingertips if the springs are OK.
Q:Can I extend the range of my automatic garage door opener?
Lengthening the wire won't extend the range at all & sometimes will decrease the range. The receiver is tuned to the length of the wire that it came with from the factory. The antenna wire should be facing straight down toward the floor & not pointing outside. The normal range is 50 to 75' but can be shorter if there is a lot of outside interference. Make sure to have the battery in the remote checked also.
Q:How can we automatically turn off the automatic door after the power off
Need a backup battery, you also need to set the master to power off automatically open the function,

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