Single cage Hoist SC200

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Guangxi Heqing Construction Machinery Manufacture,established in 2004, is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, designing, manufacturing, selling and leasing of construction machinery, mainly producing builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, temporary suspended platform, building maintenance unit etc.

Taking product sale and leasing as the basic market strategy, the company has effectively built “Heqing” and provided steady cash flow. On one hand, it pushes the independently developed builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other standardization products to Germany, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.; on the other hand, it energetically expands leasing business of builder hoist, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other products. Till now, we have established leasing branches in Guangxi, Beijing, Shanghai and etc. Besides, according to the different requirements of customers, our company actively develops design, production, sale and other business of building maintenance system, steel aluminum shuttering and other non-standard building machinery and metal parts.

High-quality technological management team and first-rate production and detection equipment lay good foundation for the steady development of the company. Its technology and management personnel, including many senior engineers, have college degree or above, and skilled workers mostly have vocational school degree or above. The company also has over 200 general and special production equipment and over 300 measuring instruments for detection. The company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2002, providing reliable guarantee for the management system and product quality.  

Our “Heqing” concern requirements of modern city construction and strive to provide products with advanced technology and rational price, furnish good technical support and pre and after-sales service for customers. We hope to create beautiful future with customers.

Corporate Vision

Vision:Become an ever-green construction machinery enterprise and maximally meet customers’ requirements
Core Values】  
Quality: High quality, innovation, safety and reliability.
              High quality is the basis of the enterprise.
              Innovation is the soul of the enterprise.
              Safety is reverence to life.
              Reliability wins the trust.
Service: Customer focused, customers are existence value of Heqing people, do what we have promised.
Responsibility: Attentive and responsible, brave to undertake and fully perform individual, company and social responsibility.
Hard Work:Industry, simplicity, perseverance and hardships are the source power of Yuhuaxing to achieve transnormal and leapfrog development.
Struggle:Concentrated reflection of brave advance, assiduous seeking, brave challenge and enthusiasm and progress of Heqing people.
Pioneering & Progress::Promote traditions, keep pace with the times, have the courage to innovate and pursue excellence in work

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Q:Recently a very hot online IQ question: elevator can take up to 10 people, you happen to be the first 10, into the elevator
Because when the elevator comes to normal people's thinking is very anxious to enter the elevator so there is no observation of other people in the elevator expression but close from the button (the victim) for a long time to hold the button to open the door at the same time to tell the last come Overweight, please go down this person down the elevator when he down the elevator will be concerned about the inside of the situation this time the victim hinted that he was dangerous, of course, may also be the person into the elevator when the victim has been According to the first floor and 10 floor (upstairs, then the elevator is certainly from the basement to the first floor)
Q:Rated load 1050KG elevator on the weight is generally how much
The weight of the weight is 150 percent of the rated load.
Q:Elevator positioning problem
In the outer door of the elevator along a limit switch! Under normal circumstances under the control of the elevator in front of the floor will be close to the front of the deceleration! And then slowly cut into pieces and make up the old table, The bar stopped the switch, the car stopped! Basically there is no "occurred when the ground with the ground floor height error of tens of centimeters" of the situation! Because it is mechanical control, so when the power outage does not matter! People are trapped inside the elevator! And the elevator car did not reach the position before the floor will not open the door! Because there is a layer of the door lock! Must be when the top of the car on the top of the top of the roof lock, Open! This is also purely mechanical!
Q:Elevator contactor
This is not a good way to say. Specifically you can look at your circuit diagram, combined with the actual circuit. In addition, the label on the circuit diagram corresponds to the label of the component in the actual circuit. Interlocking point as long as the principle and role of interlocking, you can understand
Q:What are the contents of the elevator property every day?
1, observe the operation of the elevator every day (up and down operation, speed, open the door, leveling, etc.). Daily engine room inspection, you must check the traction machine transmission parts of the situation. 2, check the motor and traction machine gear box oil level is in line with the requirements. Check the control cabinet, power distribution cabinet and other electrical equipment terminals, with or without loose burning phenomenon. 3, check the circuit breaker, contactor with or without contact, pull the arc phenomenon. 4, check whether the grounding point meet the requirements. 5, check the speed limit to work the operation, timely refueling. The election, external election button work, whether sensitive. 6, check the safety protection device installation parameters and action test status is consistent with the standard. 7, check the car lighting and fan. Each indicator light, replace the damaged parts. 8, check the fire ladder fire function. 9, monthly inspection boots and boots lining. Check the shaft position sensor and so on. 10, the monthly inspection car roof overhaul switch and the upper and lower forced slow switch. Check and adjust the rope tension. 11, monthly cleaning room, cleaning car roof and pit health. Check the buffer oil level and reset the situation. 12, monthly inspection wells along with the cable. Check the balance chain suspension and rotation. 13, the monthly inspection room car door-related size, and make the appropriate adjustments. 14, the monthly inspection and adjustment of brake braking torque and brake shoe work conditions. 15, the monthly cleaning of the corridor chute hygiene and impurities, so that the door and car doors without blocking. 16, the monthly inspection, adjust the door and the door and the lower end of the station speed, limit switch, so that the correct location, reliable function. Elevator machine performance adjustment check, must be recorded, and archived.
Q:What is the meaning of the upper limit of the ceiling?
To prevent the elevator out of control, in the end of the dryness of the dry spot duties to run the wind gradually put the wire, or to the top of the winding wire, or to the door that the reaction was slow, the elevator stopped in the middle of the floor, are the limiter tube
Q:What is the reason why the elevator door is always open and closed when not in use?
Close the door in question.
Q:Analysis of the causes of broken wire rope in elevator
1 wire rope hardness is too hard, or traction wheel is too hard, tightening force uneven, are chu stool to avoid segment seal lights over the dog can dial, 2 the best all replaced, because the old and new rope with the time is not the same, rigid Not the same, if you buy the rope is not the same, the force is not the same, the amount of wear is not one, easy to pull the lead wheel, there is no standard,
Q:How much is the elevator operation certificate?
Quality Supervision Bureau exam 700 or so
Q:What is the width of the elevator?
Elevator type sub-passengers, residential, beds, passenger goods, cargo, debris elevator. Passenger elevator car width in the 1100mm-1950mm, the height of 2200mm-2300mm often tiger buckle juice congee companion. If you say that the ladder, then it would have to look tall.

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