SANY EBZ160 Road Header Efficient Dust Removal for Tunnel Boring Machine

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Cutting Motor Power: 160/100 kW Total Power: 265 kW

Product Description:

Benefits & Features

1.Efficient Rock Breaking

The maximum hardness of rock which can be cut at time of joint development is f11;

We can design, process and manufacture cutting teeth on our own to eliminate the need for import;

Three-stage vibration damping technique: patented cutting teeth arrangement, flexible transmission and differential pressure damping structure are used to systematically solve the problem of impact damage by cutting vibration on the overall machine and critical and important parts. 

2.Efficient Dust Removal

Integrated dust removal system innovated in the industry: long-pressure short air ventilation curtain type dust removal system with a total dust removal efficiency of ≥97%.

On-board mining-purpose dust-proof suction system: fundamentally solve the problem of harm to health of staff by construction dust and powder. 

3.Centralized Lubrication

The roadheader employs centralized lubrication technique so that lubrication is easy greatly saving oil injection time and reducing work load of underground workers.

4.Hydraulic Load Sensitivity

Leading circuit system flexibly operable and providing stepless speed regulation;

The innovated load sensitive variable system generates small heat emission, has high efficiency and can be stably used;

The separate variable pump supplies the leading handle with oil to avoid shock to control valve and thus increase the flow stability;

The water system flow testing device can realize the minimum water spray amount. 

5.Wireless Remote Control

SANY's dedicated controller: intelligent remote control system: the remote control range can reach 50m. The universal handle is easy to operate and the traveling and cutting arm swing speeds can be adjusted. 

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Q:The overall structure and working principle of rotary excavation?
The auger drills, such as short auger bit, ordinary drill bit, sand drill bit, core and so on, can be drilled into different layers of clay, gravel, pebble and medium weathered mudstone.
Q:200 rig footage every day how many meters
Footage number and geological conditions, drilling performance, operator proficiency, construction site conditions have a relationship, and to say that footage of the day, and the length of pile pile diameter has a diameter of 1.2 meters, with 60 meters long, 2 meters under the casing 0.5 hours, casing well Party A, the Commissioner General to look at. General situation, the first 20 meters of drilling, probably within 1 hours, 20-40 meters, less than 1.5 hours, 40-60 meters, less than 2 hours.
Q:What is a rotary cast in place pile?
Engineering terminology, generally refers to the construction of rotary drilling machine pile type, the full name of rotary drilling pile, engineering referred to as rotary pile. Due to the use of mechanical work, the number of workers is not high, it can save a lot of labor costs.
Q:What drills are used to drill the hard layer of the rotary drilling machine?
I want to know how thick and big the pebbles are in you. Strong, weak, weathered, with double door fishing sand drill (pick teeth) can
Q:31 What about the performance of the auger rig?
The fault of Trinidad and Tobago, every day repair, bought to be fooled, is a Swindlers Company that you owe loans, put your machine to lock the boot boot must pay 5000 yuan fee, make you miserable, don't buy!
Q:When the rotary drilling rig is working, how does the rotated soil enter into the slag bucket?
Rotary drilling machine is also called drilling bucket drilling method, short spiral drill bit and other operating device for dry and wet drilling, and the use of rotary digging, successive soil sampling, repeated cycle operation and drilling as the basic function of the drilling machine. The rig can also be equipped with long spiral drilling, casing, and drive device, pedestal drilling bucket and auxiliary device, underground continuous wall grab, precast pile hammer device, rotary drilling rig main parts from site and working device, rotary drilling rig in enter the working state, the control system through the luffing mechanism of mast angle adjustment the mast and leveling, is able to drill vertical drilling, the power head provides torque to the drill pipe and the drill bit to do rotary cutting; and pressurized cylinder to drill pipe and drill through the power head transmission pressure, pressure to achieve drilling bit, when filled with muck, the main hoisting drilling bit left, turning to a certain host open angle drill bottom door, close to Doumen, full of muck, back drilling locations, decentralization of drill pipe, the drill hole drilled into again
Q:How can the drilling rod of rotary drilling rig be telescopic?
The power head only drives the first section of the drill pipe, and the following drill rod is driven by the driving sleeve at the bottom of each drill rod.
Q:Why not use rotary drilling rig instead of manual digging pile?
It is time the project team in general when digging and construction engineering team can.
Q:How much is a drill bit?
I don't know. You can buy a rotary drilling rig, or dig it.
Q:Rotary drilling rig how telescopic, I mean, what power so that it extends out of step by level, it extends out in a certain order?
The drill pipe is connected to the main hoist by wire rope, and the main hoist relaxes or tightens the wire rope to lay down (stretch out) or lift the drill rod.From outside to inside, the drill pipe can be divided into the first section, the drill pipe, and the second section...First, the first section of the drill pipe to use, and then extended second knots, in turn out of the other section of the drill pipe, and finally stretched out the innermost section, contraction when from the innermost section of the contraction.According to the characteristics of civil engineering of rotary drilling rig needs to be improved.

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