Geological Exploration Borehole Drilling Machine

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XY-2 hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallow and medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used in engineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting hole drilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)
73 rod
60 rod
50 rod
42 rod
Spindle speed(r/min)


Max torque (Nm)2760
Angle reange0-90°
Spindle max pull force(KN)60
Spindle stroke (mm)600
Hoist max life capacity with single rope (KN)30
Spindle inner dia (mm)76
Oil pumpSCB32/12
Power unit
Electric motor
Diesel engine
Inner dia of spindle (mm)2150×900×1690
Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)950

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Q:Price of small rotary drilling rig
Tengzhou Kai Ao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. small rotary drilling rig, piling depth between 1-40 meters, the pile mouth diameter range is 0.2-2.2 meters, the price is: 13.5-68 million between
Q:What's the market for small rotary drilling rigs? Do house foundations pile well?
With the changes of the times, the small-sized rotary digging machines are more and more accepted by the market. But every industry has risks and needs to be cautious. A certain market awareness is needed, and blindness will be futile.
Q:Working life of rotary drilling rig
The number of total construction meters you have no way to answer, one day a rotary drilling stem two, three hundred meters to tens of meters are met, the weather situation of non visible suspension, or because of the project department, such as the human shutdown can avoid has probably worthwhile. There is no average monthly number of meters.
Q:What brand of rotary drilling rig is efficient?
The working efficiency is high, the domestic rotary drilling rig is relatively good in the Futian leiwo rotary drilling rig, driving very fast, with less, I was in Linyi, bought the first 09 years, 11 years and bought 2, now 3, around the project.
Q:How many types of rotary drilling rigs should be used for entering ten meters of weathered sandstone in the rock?
The current domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturers and models are more well-known manufacturers are mainly ZOOMLION, 31 heavy machine, Xugong, CSR, Futian, Shanghai Kim, Tianjin sunward, Bauer, Wujiang geotechnical, Yutong, mainstream rock into the rotary drilling rig has 31 main SR280R into the rock rotary drilling rig, Zoomlion ZR280 360, Xugong, Bauer BG25 into the rock can be, but the price is not high, 31 C8 series rotary recently to participate in the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition drill SR285RC8/SR385RC8, is said to have ability to exceed the traditional rock entering into the rock type rotary drilling rig.
Q:If you have a project, will you make money from the auger rig?
Great profits, dry spin is the most afraid of lack of living
Q:How should we deal with the abnormal encountered during the construction of rotary drilling and drilling?
Is a rotary drill hole construction process operation for building foundation engineering. Widely used in construction engineering to municipal infrastructure construction, highway bridges and high-rise buildings, with different tools, suitable for dry or wet (short spiral), (bucket) and rock (Yan Xinzuan) of the drilling operation, with large installed power, large output torque, axial pressure, flexible rotary drilling rig, high construction efficiency and function characteristics. To adapt to the soil geological conditions in most parts of the rotary drilling rig, the use of a wide range, can basically meet the needs of bridge construction, the use of high-rise building foundation engineering. At present, has been widely applied to various rotary drilling bored piles. Therefore, it is of great significance to make a technical discussion on the construction of the rotary drilling rig and the construction techniques of the commonly used clean water. During the construction, according to different geological conditions of soil, according to the following provisions: the choice of different bit short screw drill, suitable for underground water level above the clay, silt, soil, sand, medium dense above weathered rock. Core auger bit is suitable for crushed stone soil, medium hardness rock and weathered rock formation. Core rotary bucket, applicable to weathered rock and cracked rock.
Q:Is the rig operator tired?
Small size, light weight, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Gear type pneumatic motor with stable operation and high reliability. The design of a new type of glass reinforced plastic air leg is of high reliability and long service life.
Q:Construction scheme of rotary pile driver
Process selectionIn the construction of the project, the drilling method of rotary drilling rig and dry hole formation are adopted. Combined with the geological condition of bored pile in this project, many factors, such as large quantity and tight time limit, the backfill bit adopts rotary bucket drill, and the rotary digging sand drill bit is used in the cleaning hole. When rock is embedded, the bucket is drilled by rotary cutting, and the partially drilled sandstone is drilled by rotary auger bit. For some of the more abundant underground water piles, the slurry wall should be used as support, and the larger pile will be supported by steel support.
Q:31 rotary drilling rig electromagnetic valve is what?
The solenoid valve is used to drive the valve core to control the direction of compressed air, so as to control the direction of the pneumatic actuator switch.Its advantage is simple operation, easy to realize remote control.

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