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XY-2hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallowand medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used inengineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting holedrilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)

Φ73 rod


Φ60 rod


Φ50 rod


Φ42 rod


Spindle speed(r/min)





Max torque (Nm)


Angle reange


Spindle max pull force(KN)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Hoist max life capacity with single  rope (KN)


Spindle inner dia (mm)


Oil pump


Power unit

Electric motor


Diesel engine


Inner dia of spindle (mm)


Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)


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Q:The overall structure and working principle of rotary excavation?
The auger drills, such as short auger bit, ordinary drill bit, sand drill bit, core and so on, can be drilled into different layers of clay, gravel, pebble and medium weathered mudstone.
Q:Rotary drilling rig piling
Under the reinforcement cage, according to the hole depth or design, the general section is about 22 meters. For example, the hole depth of 47 meters, 22 meters a steel cage needs 2 sections, the middle welding.Concrete transported by tankers, general tanker has 8 parties, 10 parties, 12 Parties, a car in the majority, according to Kong Shen, the pile diameter is not the same, the need for mixed soil is also different. Example: 1 meters of pile, depth 35 meters. At 0.785 meters per meter, 35 multiplied by 0.785 is 27.475 squares of earth. But there will be special conditions such as collapse hole, so it is unstable.
Q:The rotary drilling drill bit rock weathering by what
The rotary drilling drilling in weathered rock weathering, according to the hardness of the rock to determine what bit.Stainless steel drills are generally used. Especially hard cases with diamond or graphite steel drills.
Q:What is the market prospect of rotary drilling rig?
Domestic rotary drilling rig has a gap compared with foreign or domestic brands, there are 31 rivers, Futian, XCMG, etc., from the ability to see into the rock, in fact almost
Q:On the cleaning of rotary drilling rig
Or pump in the mud to clear the holeAfter the end of the hole pile hole drill, will increase 10 20m, using a large amount of pump pump performance meet the new requirements of the mud, and maintain the normal circulation of more than 30min, a clear hole end condition: Pan orifice mud hand twist basic block slag, measured the hole depth and the actual drilling depth error in 30 when in.Test of deposit thickness (friction pile 300mm), mud index (relative density: 1.03 ~ 1.10; viscosity: 17 ~ 20Pa.s; the sand rate < 2%) to meet the design requirements before the proposed drilling rig
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of the rotary drilling rig and impact drilling machine used in the construction of bridge bored pile foundation
Most of the hard rock formations have little pile diameter and are mostly end bearing piles. Most of them are made of impact drilling. Some of them are excavated by hand, and the small hole is short. The majority of bridge piles are impacted. Encountered complex formations, the pile length is less than 40 meters, the most reliable is the use of impact drilling. A look at geology, two to see the quality, or positive and negative cycle drilling, good quality of the hole, steel dragon protection layer can guarantee
Q:How often does the rotary drilling rig do maintenance?
1) each movement shall pay the grease according to the lubrication sign, and the main part of Carter shall be carried out according to Carter's lubrication requirements. For example: turning on the car, slewing bearings and other relatively large parts of the rotation, it must be in the entire rotary surface plus enough butter, each rotation of a certain angle to fill once;2) lubricate the main and auxiliary steel wire rope and butter each share;3) apply grease to the three sides of the mast rail;
Q:Rotary drilling rig how telescopic, I mean, what power so that it extends out of step by level, it extends out in a certain order?
The drill rod of the rotary drilling machine is now extended from the lower part of the hoist, the steel wire extends out, and the hoisting rope is retracted. But some rotary drills can be extended either by a crane or by gravity. It extends in the first order, the next second, and then the third, the last, the fourth, and the fifth. During drilling, it is stretched by gravity and bit by bit with the drilling depth. Rotary drilling rig in the multi-functional areas to improve, and it is not necessary to complex conversion can be converted to another device, it is worth studying.
Q:Construction scheme of rotary pile driver
Overview of drilling hole of rotary drilling machineAccording to the geological conditions of this project, and design requirements, combined with the pile foundation design parameters and requirements of the owner, the engineering pile drilling technology using rotary drilling rig, concrete using commercial concrete and steel reinforcement cage hoisting welding forming, lashing, catheter perfusion underwater concrete.
Q:Long spiral applies to high-speed rail construction, civil construction, rotary excavation in relatively large diameter foundation construction, such as bridge foundation construction is more common.
The auger drills, such as short auger bit, ordinary drill bit, sand drill bit, core and so on, can be drilled into different layers of clay, gravel, pebble and medium weathered mudstone.

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