XY-44C Core Drilling Machine Of Spindle Type (1000m water well)

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XY-44C Core Drilling MachineOf Spindle Type (1000m water well)


   TheXY-44C Bore Pile Drilling Machine is developed and designed newly based onXY-4,

XY-44 drilling rig of thousandmeters by Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory.

◊     Itis suitable for large and small caliber of core drilling with diamond, tungstencarbide bits, andengineering geological technology, hydrology, water wells andlarge-caliber engineering construction hole drilling.


 1.   Reasonablestructure, light weight

 2.  Large capacity drilling, wide range of performance, goodversatility, and better quality.

  3.  Thewhole drilling equipment can be moved in whole, increasing drilling efficiencyand reducing labor intensity.

 4.  Having mast landing and folded function, it is easy to walkand transport.

  5.  Thedrilling rig is spindle type, mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, andhydraulic clampingdrilling tool. When rotary drilling it can carry out alloy-bit drilling anddiamond drilling. When impact drilling it can achieveimpact—vibration casing while drilling.

Technical Specifications:


Drilling depth( m )


Spindle speed (r/min)





Max. spindle torque(Nm)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Inner diameter of spindle (mm)


Max. pull/push force(KN)


Max. hoisting force (single wire rope(KN)


Hoisting speed(the third layer)(m/s)


Drum capacity and wire rope dia.)(m)

17.5mm(170kg/mm2)110 m

18.5mm(170kg/mm2)90 m

Speed of water brake (r/min)


Water brake balance speed of single rope / single rope balancing  load


Rated pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa)


Driving stem

Driving stemΦ89×79×6000mm

Power unit

Electric motor

Y225S-4 37Kw 1480r/min

Diesel engine

R4105G54 42Kw 1480r/min

Diesel enige

YC4108ZD 50Kw 1500r/min

Weight(excluding power unit) (kg)


Max. detachable subassembly(kg)


Dimension(LXWXH) (mm)


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Q:How can we not drill the rod and drill the rod?
Common causes1. There is a foreign object between the sections of the drill pipe.2, pressure surface wear, curling.3. Bending or deformation of drill pipe.4, the drill scraping hole wall, machine lock rod part into the lock.5, inclined hole.
Q:What is the market prospect of rotary drilling rig?
Domestic rotary drilling rig has a gap compared with foreign or domestic brands, there are 31 rivers, Futian, XCMG, etc., from the ability to see into the rock, in fact almost
Q:Various types of rotary digging drill rod head size
Because the rotary digging into the sea China earlier, there is no uniform B by national standard, but the host plant is basically the same, but the difference is mainly divided into two types of schools: as schools, using standard rotary drilling chassis, the stability is good; 31 schools, using the general excavator chassis, stability has been lacking, but saves cost
Q:How much is a drill bit?
The price depends on what kind of drill bits are used, such as spiral drill, bucket drill, open and close drill, rock core drill, etc.
Q:Does the rotary drilling rig require a national issued operating permit?
Rotary drilling rig as a complex special equipment, the state mandatory to apply for operating permits, undocumented operations will face fines, and the occurrence of an insurance accident, the insurance company will not pay compensation!
Q:Classification of rotary drilling machines?
Application of rotary drilling rig market positioning midrange:(1) the traffic facilities of various bridge freeway and railway bridge;(2) large structure and wharf bearing structure pile;(3) the city viaduct bridge;(4) other applicable piles. Midrange market coverage rate reached more than 90% of the workload.3. Mainframe: torque 240kN = m, engine power 300kW, drilling diameter 1 ~ 2.5m, drilling depth 80m. The quality of the rig is over 100t.Market positioning of mainframe applications:(1) all kinds of super large bridge of highway and railway bridge;(2) special structure of other large building, bearing foundation pile. Mainframe market workload, coverage of more than 10%.
Q:Do you need electricity for rotary drilling rig?
Generally do not use electricity, the use of the rig itself gasoline engine power.When buying rotary drilling rig, you can ask for dual power, then you can use itElectrical, construction field, the two sides of the drill dragged two lines of electricity, oneMud pipe, one is cable.
Q:The structure and principle of hydraulic rotary drilling rig are discussed!
By the hydraulic motor drives the reducer drive, you must first master the hydraulic principle, main pump suction, drive motor, hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy to drive motor reducer, reducer which drives the chain walk, referred to as the four round area,
Q:What is the difference between punched pile and rotary pile?
Punching pile is the impact of heavy hammer falling, the soil or rock to disperse or break, and then floating through the mud of these debris floating, and then pumping, the pile side of the soil compaction, I think it can be ignored. Punching piles are usually rock - in. They just break the rock and squeeze it out.
Q:What's the minimum cost of a rotary drill? How much is it?
According to the brand and the place of origin is not the same. The price is different. Pure imports are more expensive than imported drugs. Imports are more expensive to assemble than domestic ones. As far as ordinary strata are concerned. Domestic product is ok. If only the strata were rather complicated. Even imported rotary excavation. The price of the project department. You may not be able to do it.

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