Rubber finishing with stainless steel housing blender DZ-802

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$6.88 / unit
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 800W
Two speeds
Stepless speed for option
Rubber finishing with Stainless steel housing
With detachable rod for easy cleaning


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Q:Apple, water and sugar, and then put the blender into apple juice, can I drink it?
Should be able to drink, I have done before
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete mixers?
Labor saving, quick, mixing evenly. The biggest drawback is the clean-up is difficult, the scene must have power supply, operation, lack of anti touch facilities
Q:No mixer how to beef crumble ah
The best way to eat meat in the original way is to eat it.Cut the whole meat into small pieces first, then chop it from side to side. When the chops are almost the same, the white tendons separate themselves from the meat and pick them out. Do hold the meat stuffing buns, dumplings, do the best to eat meat.If you take a knife and then meat stuffing it, in turn, with the knife throwing techniques and meat stuffing, as before, all the tendons have to drop out. When the meat stuffing do dumplings, meat loaf.When the masters of the kitchen pay the game, the meat is made by hand, and the delicious machine is impossible.Manual is a little slower, a little tired; but personal mind inside.Don't slack off if you do it by hand. It's not advisable.
Q:Can the blender squeeze the juice?
Some mixers can, and some can not. Mainly to see the structure of the mixer bar, if it can rotate, stir, and can be accompanied by cutting function, you can use as a juicer. Put the juice into the blender, the boot can be stirred juice, but the effect is not Juicer juice, the effect is good.
Q:How do you use the blender BM251?
Put the food you want into the cup and screw it to the seat and start working. There is no external switch, and there is a micro switch in the combination of the base and the cup
Q:What's the difference between concrete mixer and mortar mixer?
In terms of power, power, volume, concrete mixer is big, you can Baidu, the picture of both, it is clear
Q:Do you want the blender to bring the juice out?
When mixing juice, if you can't filter, you can put a little water, otherwise it may be filtered mesh too small.
Q:How to use concrete mixer properly and safely
Operation method: 1 concrete mixer concrete mixer should be placed in a solid place, with a bracket or shelf stable tube feet, not to replace the tire support; 2 concrete mixer must be checked before starting the controller is good; 3 concrete mixer rises in the feed hopper, for safety, prohibited personnel through or stay in the hopper. After the mixer hopper fixed; 4 concrete mixer operation, no tools into the drum, more to Caution!; 5 concrete mixer on-site maintenance, to fix the mixer hopper, cut off the power supply into the mixer drum, outside to have guardianship. (concrete mixer operator (driver) must be trained in safety technology, test qualified, certified, prohibited non driver operation.) 6., concrete mixer must be cleaned after use, especially in winter, no foreign objects in the drum before use, so that it can extend the service life;
Q:Would you like a vegetable juice, a juicer or a blender or a cooking machine?
Juice, look what vegetables, hard, okay?
Q:Bought a blender, introduced recipes, it is best to have detailed ingredients and quantity to provide
Honey milk juiceIngredients: 1 spoons of honey, 100 grams of milk, 1 bananas and half apples.Production: bananas, apples peeled, go nuclear, cut into small pieces, milk, honey, bananas, apples into the juicer, juice can be.Efficacy: appetizing appetite, appetite loss, dry stools have a certain effect.Apple radish juiceIngredients: 1 apples, half carrots, 150 grams of milk and a little honey.Production: the carrot, apple wash, apple peeled and nuclear, and then cut into small pieces, into the juicer, juice, and then add milk, honey, mix well.Efficacy: rich in vitamin A, C and pectin, is a summer drink for all agesCucumber and kiwi juiceRaw materials: 200 grams of cucumber, kiwi fruit 50 grams, 200 ml of boiling water, two teaspoon honey.Practice: wash cucumber to seed, leave skin cut into small pieces, kiwi peel, cut into pieces, together into the juicer, add cold water, stir, pour, add honey, one hour before the meal to drink.Function: cucumber sex Ganliang, to get into the stomach, can Qingrejiedu, diuresis. The kiwi fruit sweet and sour cold, can enter the kidney and stomach function, antipyretic and thirst. Other vitamin rich fruits and vegetables can also be used, such as tomatoes, grapefruit and so on.

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