Round Sink 410mm Diameter Stainless Steel Sink For Your Kitchen/Bathroom

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1000 pc/month

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Round Sink 410mm Diameter Stainless Steel Sink For Your Kitchen

Model No.TCI410R
Outer Diameter410mm
Inner Diameter360mm
TypeUndermount Sink

Packing Details

PackageCarton Box
Packing Size43*43*40cm 

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Q:Is not the ancient palace princess who used the washbasin you? The The Know what this thing is the Supreme Please talk about the view?
This pot is called resonant pots. Ancient utensils, metal. The shape of the basin now. Pelvic floor decorated with fish pattern, called "fish wash"; pelvic floor decoration two dragon, called "dragon wash". This kind of artifacts in the pre-Qin period has been widely used, and can spray the copper fish wash about the Tang Dynasty. Its size is like a washbasin, the bottom is flat, the basin along the left and right have a handle, called the binaural; pot bottom engraved with four carp, fish and fish engraved between the four river parabola. Fish wash the wonderful place is that the hand quickly rhythmically rubbing the basin side ears, the basin will be like the same hit vibration, the basin waves rippling. Friction, can be sprayed water column. When the hands rubbing his ears, resulting in two vibration source, vibration waves spread in the water, interfere with each other, so that the energy superimposed, so the energy of the larger water points, will jump out of the water. This is in line with the principle of physics resonance. Fish washing production, no doubt involves the solid vibration in the liquid transmission and interference problems. Some of our museums have a collection of precious ancient fish. Basin engraved Datang Wude system, martial arts is Tang Gaozu Li Yuan's reign, look at your pot of pulp processing, obviously not so long, it is estimated to be imitation. But it is said that in 1986 the United States a body imitation fish washing is not successful, you may be the pot of the Qing Dynasty. Because the time passed down the fish washed a lot
Q:The water heater is open, the kitchen and shower are hot water, only the washbasin without hot water
According to the phenomenon you describe, should be indoor piping string of water, it is recommended to check the indoor hot water and cold water mixed place
Q:'what does basin mean''?
It is where the river water goes to.
Q:How can I assist an elderly woman to wash her hair without having her strip down? She has a hard time bending?
My grandmother had her washed at a beauty parlor about once a week. They had a low sink with a long handled. During the week she would use a wet washcloth just to lightly wash her hair, with a towel around her shoulder to catch dripping water. She couldn't bend over very easily either.
Q:Bathroom washbasin is marked with a black mark, how can get rid of?
You buy a place to buy tiles to buy a liquid called oxalic acid. Wipe with a cloth. It's up. We are here called porcelain clean
Q:washing machine question?
That looks like the hose that drains water OUT of the machine. Make sure it empties into a sink with a drain. Good Luck! You ccan look up the specs on the machine online go to the manufac. website. It will tell you how to hook it up. Good Luck
Q:Why is a wash basin's height limited to 3 feet when most people are 5 feet tall and have to bend to use it?
Not all people are 5 feet tall or taller. It should be at a height at which all people can reach it, not just most people.
Q:Washing machine, wash basin together at least how wide
You want to put on the balcony above, the normal words as long as the width of the balcony in line with the length of the washing machine on the line, you put the washing machine side of the release, the rest of the space is certainly enough to wash the washbasin, and generally about 0.9 meters
Q:What is the inner diameter of the drain basin of the desktop washbasin?
PT-type pillar wash basin stable:      A draw the vertical line according to the center of the drainage pipe, the pillars will be established, the washbasin on the pillar, so that the center of the basin against the vertical line, leveling the basin after the fixed hole position. While the pillars in the ground position to do the mark. Press the wall mark tick into φ10 × 80mm hole, planting fixed bolts. Will be placed on the ground pillar mark gray gray cream, stabilize the pillars and wash basins, fixed bolts plus rubber pads, eye socket, with nuts screwed to moderate elasticity. Once again face basin surface leveling, pillars straight. The pillars and the basin contact with the pillars and the ground contact with white cement gouge trowel.      B PT-type pillar-type washbasin to the drainage pipe connection method with reference to the wash basin supply and drainage pipe installation.    I do not know what you want to do with this? If a hydropower installation workers are not equipped with pots, he is not mixed.
Q:I have felt a light electric shock in the kitchen basin whenever we have tried to wash our dishes?
Garbage disposal at fault here. Check all wiring. Next on the bottom of the disposal unit, there should be a place to use a 5/16 Allen wrench to free up the disposal and work again.

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