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Roller Blind Curtain, pvc roller blind, roller blinds and curtains

Plastic Sheets PVC Roller Blind Curtain

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
7000 m²
Supply Capability:
180000 m²/month

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Light control

Product Description

 The finished motorized vertical blinds is a new design window decoration product, which combines Curtains, screens, shutters, blinds in one. The biggest advantage of this kind of blinds is :  privacy maintain, light control and beautiful decoration, mainly be used in villas, office,  coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and other places.

large cargo:

Delievery time45-60days after confirm the order(the 20GP)or within 15-45 days(less than 500 pieces). 
We can supplyAccept the logo printed and also some design of yours.
PackingPacking method can according to your request.
shippmentDHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX.
Free sampleWe can supply you free sample after you make the order of large cargo.

the detail of the production :

1.vertical blind top Aluminum rail .the available width is 2.5m.it is durable and not so easy to flexible

we can according the width and the hight to choose the suitable top rail .


2. bottom design  :bottom pvc baseplate for heavy .with ball china to contain the each panel


baseplate's width  for 90mm .100mm.127mm

3 .the fabric polyester fabric the the use widely in daily life. Any special need is also accept. 

4. contain all accessories ,accessories according the top rail .spare accessories also available .


5.the size control in :width can not beyond 2m.


6.color : many kind of color for choose.


1. Total Control with The Wireless Controllers;
2. Automatic limit setting;
3. AC Powered 120/240V Electric Mains Power;

4. Super Slim installing head, 12mm only, it reduces the lights to get in from the spacing against the wall.

5. Buitl-in RF receiver, More than 50 meter distance remote control.

6.Beautify your rooms

7.Control your privacy 
8.Protect your furnishings 
9.Adjust your ambient lighting
10.Deliver energy savings


Roller Blind Curtain, pvc roller blind, roller blinds and curtains

Roller Blind Curtain, pvc roller blind, roller blinds and curtains

Q:Can plastic sheets be used for architectural models?
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for architectural models. They are commonly used due to their versatility, ease of manipulation, and ability to create precise and detailed structures. Plastic sheets can be cut, bent, and shaped to create different architectural elements, making them an ideal material for constructing architectural models.
Q:How do plastic sheets handle bending without breaking?
Plastic sheets handle bending without breaking due to their flexibility and ability to withstand stress and strain. The molecular structure of plastics allows them to deform and stretch under pressure, which prevents them from fracturing or cracking when bent. Additionally, some plastic sheets may include additives or reinforcement materials to enhance their strength and resilience, further enhancing their ability to handle bending without breaking.
Q:Are plastic sheets scratch-resistant?
No, plastic sheets are not scratch-resistant. They can easily get scratched with sharp objects or rough handling.
Q:i want to make prints on sheets like the kind used on MTG life counters. i have a website on the bottom to show what im talking about. where do i get this plastic sheets from and how do i print on them?
This isnt something that you can put through your regular printer. Your home printer rolls the paper over a relatively tight turn while its printing. The plastic your looking at is too stiff. Most of this stuff was screenprinted. Find a local screenprinter if your still interested and they can hook you up.
Q:Like the clear plastic used in packaging, and on kids toys and stuff.
Try hardware stores, home depot, lowe's, that sort of store. Most likely in the paint department. Are you going to use oil with these sheets..... just asking.... LOL
Q:How thick can plastic sheets be?
Plastic sheets can vary in thickness, ranging from as thin as 0.1 millimeters to as thick as several centimeters, depending on the specific type of plastic and its intended application.
Q:Can plastic sheets be recycled into other materials?
Yes, plastic sheets can be recycled into other materials. The recycling process involves melting down the plastic sheets to create new plastic products, such as bottles, containers, and packaging materials.
Q:I'm going to be getting 2 maleguinea pigs and I will build a 10.5 sq feet cage for them. I saw a video on YouTube... This girl has a huge cc cage for her guinea pigs. and instead of using chloroplast on the bottom she uses a big, clear, hard plastic sheet. She scored the sheet and made sides then to prevent leakage from the sides she used some clear plastic tape.My question is can I use the hard plastic sheet for my cc cage for my guinea pigs?
Nono, its good. Make sure you clean the plastic before it comes in contact with the pigs. I guess you know this, but line the top with bedding or fleece :P have fun!
Q:What is the maximum temperature that plastic sheets can withstand?
The maximum temperature that plastic sheets can withstand varies depending on the type of plastic. However, most common plastic sheets can typically withstand temperatures up to around 160-200 degrees Celsius (320-392 degrees Fahrenheit).
Q:Can plastic sheets be used for sound barriers?
Yes, plastic sheets can be used as sound barriers. They are often used in construction projects and industrial settings to reduce noise levels and create a more peaceful environment. Plastic sheets can effectively block and absorb sound waves, making them a suitable option for soundproofing applications.

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