Quad Core CS918S Android 4.2 1GB RAM 8GB Flash 2.0MP Camera Smart TV Media Player

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Product Description:Quad Core CS918S Android 4.2 1GB RAM 8GB Flash 2.0MP Camera Smart TV Media Player Specification:
Process Model Number: CS918S
CPU: Quad-Core A31
Memory: 1GB
WIFI and Blue-tooth: WiFi 802.11b/g/n,wireless internet connecting ,Blue-tooth4.0
REMOTE CONTROL Transmission£º2.4G wireless remote control
Location: IR or G-sensor
IR: IR module (extendable to support)
Camera: 2M
MIC: Built-in
IE,IM,Mailbox,Video/Audio player,4K PLAYER
Picture viewer, Text reader & Games
On-line Videa/Audio player

UHD H.264 2160p video decoding
Multi-format FHD video decoding, including Mpeg1/2, Mpeg4 SP/ASP GMC, H.263, H.264,etc.
H.264 High Profile 1080p@30fps or 720p@60fps encoding
3840x1080@30fps 3D decoding, BD/SBS/TAB/FP supported
3840x1080@30fps 3D encoding
Complies with RTSP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP, MMS streaming media protocols

Two sets of I2S/PCM interfaces for Baseband and Bluetooth
Two integrated differential analog MIC for headset and phone
Integrated digital MIC interface
Dedicated headphone/speaker/receiver outputs
Two-channel audio ADC with 96dBA SNR
Two-channel audio DAC with 100dBA SNR

Package Includes:
1*power charger
1*IR remote contral
1*HDMI cable
1*AV cabel
1*usb cable
1*user manual

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Q:Recommend a 10000 yuan or so of 5.1 home theater audio system
Look, you like it. BOSE's brand is bigger than Hivi's.,Hivi is certainly more expensive than BOSE
Q:How to decorate a home theater?
First, home decoration, home theater - home decoration, home theater lines need to be setIn the design of home theater installation, a variety of lines is not small, such as the audio line is connected to the source device and the power amplifier, and audio equipment, but also need to use the line to connect, attention must be paid to the line is qualified, beware of bad lines installed will affect the system's sound effects. Users choose to choose the line of good quality, big brand products. From the installation of pioneering this point of view, usually around 20 square meters of independent audio-visual space is ideal, but also need a large screen, a good tv.
Q:Who invented the family cinema?
BOSE chronicle of eventsIn 1964, BOSE was foundedIn 1950 he found the speaker is not well transmitted sounds of nature. Research into the results of the field of sound science has led to the establishment of BOSE.The birth of legend in 1968The legendary 901 Direct/Reflecting direct / reflective speaker comes out. It can reflect 89% of the sound from the wall - equivalent to live concerts - natural sound effects.1972 professional speakers listedBOSE enters the field of professional acoustics and designs loudspeaker systems for the needs and tastes of professionals.1972 Syncom computer test systemBose patented the Syncom computer test system, which tested loudspeaker sounds in laboratory standards to ensure consistency and reliability of speakers.World best sales award 1975301 Direct/Reflecting direct / reflective speaker system on board. With its BOSE technology, versatility design and reasonable price, it won the world's best sales award for speakers at one stroke.In 1982, the mobile audio system appearedBose launched for customer design, in the car before leaving the factory that has been installed in the car audio system. Some of the world's most famous limousines still use the BOSE sound system.
Q:Decoder function in home theater system
In fact, my understanding of KTV and home cinema should be two separate systemsThe first said: now the 3D home theater home theater is actually very simple, the signal input source (such as: HD player, Blu ray DVD, HTPC and so on) through the HDMI line will signal into the theater amplifier (HD decoder amplifier such as: MARANTZ RS5007, ONKYO 619 and so on), the amplifier will sound left, resolved into 5.1 channels or 7.1 channels that is transmitted to the corresponding speaker (AV). The image is sent to the projector by magnification. If you want the 3D effect, the entire system will support the 3D functionality.The KTV system is more diverse, according to what you said, I think people should provide you with a pre stage effects, VOD audio, microphone sound into the device, and then to promote the power card package box.Because you do not understand your configuration, say so, for your reference. Welcome to exchange.
Q:How are the 7.1 or 9.1 channel systems constructed in a home theater?
For HD players, analog 7.1 and 5.1 channel output is an important performance, but what are the specific differences? About analog 7.1 and 5.1 channel output, often someone will ask, 5.1 less than 7.1 which two sound channel? The answer is to wrap around the left and right track RR/RL, because 7.1 has two levels, and the 5.1 is surrounded by one group. 1 on the 5.1 channel output in 5.1 channel is the use of 5 horns and 1 subwoofer to achieve a music player personally on the scene, it is developed by Dolby Inc, so called "Dolby 5.1 channel".
Q:How does the soundtrack of the home theater system choose?.
Generally speaking, 5.1 channels can perfectly support the dobby surround sound, and 7.1 channels can perfectly support high quality audio standards such as DTS.
Q:Introduction to the audio system of the home theater sound system
The signal source including VCD, DVD, Blu ray machine, personal computer, CD and so on; the terminal includes a display device (flat-panel televisions and projectors) and speakers, amplifier is very important for home theater, generally with a special AV power amplifier, AV power amplifier is mainly composed of a signal source selector, signal processing preamplifier stage and power amplifier, can the switching signal source, signal processing, such as Dolby, DSP decoding, virtual surround processing, adjust the tone volume;
Q:About the establishment of 5.1 home theater system, please come in, thank you!
1: in the set of equipment, is not DVD also need to support the 5.1 channel system? Answer: at present, even low-end DVD machine, generally also has 5.1 channel output.
Q:What aspects does the home video system include?
International manufacturers of home theater differences, that is, the quality of the difference, which manufacturers have high-end and low-end products. Individuals feel that the home theater should buy the same brand and the same range of products, so that the coordination between the whole system will be better. If the speaker's sound style is different, the consistency of the sound field will be affected.And home theater amplifier selection can support 5.1 channel output, if taking into account the day after the upgrade can choose 7.1 channel and support HDMI output amplifier. To support a variety of decoding and output interface, so you can easily play many types of equipment, the Japanese Dragon and YAMAHA power amplifier is used to connect the mainstream theater amplifier, HD player, the interface is very complete.
Q:Smart TV home theater
Your connection should be correct, but each person's understanding and use of the home theater is different. Power amplifiers do not switch in place of television, that is, when you connect with HDMI, the mode of power amplifier selection should be HDMI, not TV mode. Because, at present our country's TV TV does not have the 5.1 channel transmission function, transmission is standard R, L channel, so switching power amplifier TV mode should be turned off 5.1 decoding, enabled 2.1 decoding means, and automatically switch to R, L input mode, so, turn off the HDMI interface of course, there is no sound audio amplifier. In addition, it can not be understood that the power amplifier switches to TV and the television is under control. TV in the home theater system, just play the role of the display, and is independent of the power amplifier remote control, to transform TV, can only be remote controlled by television. Just a little bit. When the TV is on normal, please switch the power amplifier to HDMI mode, and there will be a sound. And home theater 5.1 effect is based on your DVD movie and the function of the machine to achieve, TV still play the role of DVD image display only.
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