Android 4.2 TV Box CS968 Quad Core 2G 8GB 1080P HD Mini TV Player

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Product Description:Android 4.2 TV Box CS968 Quad Core 2G 8GB 1080P HD Mini TV Player General
Model No.: CS 968
Quad Core TV Box
Android 4.2.2 Desktop PC on your HD TV
Build in Webcam (2M Pixels)
Build in High Quality Mic
Build in Bluetooth
XBMC Support
Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
CPU: Rockchip RK3188 Quad Core 1.6GHZ (Cortex-A9 Quad Core, 4 GPU )
OS: Android 4.2.2 OS Jelly Bean
RAM: 2GB DDR3; ROM: 8GB Nand Flash (Please notice that Android system, other files and preinstalled apps will take some space.)
Storage: Copy to the mini SD card or storage in mobile hard disk
User interface: Using the Andriod system interface style
Browser: Browse webpage
Video: Can be connected to the internet,watching video online
Music: Can be connected to the internet, listen to music online
Picture: Supports variety of image formats browsing(jpg,png,bmp...)
Flash: Supports flash 11.1
Storage Expansion: Mini sd memory card and mobile hard disk expansion
USB: USB host 2.0
SD card: Mini SD card
HDMI: Connecting high-definition TV,the output audio and video signals
RJ45: Connection the wired network
Optical fiber: Supports 5.1 Multimedia Speakers Optical interface
Remote control: Supports 2.4G Wireless remote control
AV: Audio,video output
Voltage parameters: 5V 2.5A DC
Product dimension: 115*115*30(mm)
Weight: 0.6kg
What is in the box
1 X TV Box
1 X Power Adapter
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x User manual
1 x Remote Control

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Q:Which is more useful, home, home, music system and home theater?
Let's begin with the fact that the home theater system provides a link between visual and auditory effects, while the home background music system has poor visual experience, mainly enjoying music at home.The advantage of family background music is that it has a wide range and can be experienced in every corner of the family. And the family cinema is in only one space.However, these two are not a field of things, can not be compared.
Q:How to buy a home theater system?
Large screen TV (projector) should be clear with TV, to the big screen with projector, amplifier, audio (5.1), Blu ray player, TV box, room decoration (every light, sound money can also put a NAS). Best to find a professional decoration team
Q:Philips home movies, USB movies don't play... In the wrong format or don't support...?
Play AVI movies, the soundtrack is poor, or with a full set of home theater system, in order to play the best family theater sound effects. It's recommended to go with DVD.
Q:The difference between the Blu ray home theater and the DVD Home Theater
The Blu ray DVD is different from the regular DVD on the disc, and the Blu ray DVD can play 3D movies with better sound quality.The home theater, in general, can be understood from a combination of two concepts, namely, the "home theater standard" and the "playback system" in the home environment to play movie films. These two concepts are called "home theater standards"". Home theater market added in the current micro projector home theater, has occupied a market share of 50% from 2009 to 2010 in just one year, the projection to enter the home theater forces had defeated the TV to occupy the market peak, especially its unique function of CMMB and the set-top box directly the function of television, processing of built-in storage, you can download the latest network movie and music and other functions, is already can replace the color television, mini projector will occupy the future home theater market.
Q:Useful Sony, BDV, N9200w this family theater system classmates?
That is just a microphone, can be real-time playback of the sound of your voice, you need to make your singing sound and music together, play the role of Cara OK, but BDV-E980 does not have this function, need to add reverb.
Q:Which master can provide a home theater configuration ah?
3. speakers should have sufficient unit size, volume and power carrying capacity.As far as the traditional loudspeaker box is concerned, the effect is very important to the size of the loudspeaker unit and the volume of the case.As the main speaker of a home theater system, take most of the background music and sound field in front of the "minimum reduction, not in the bass unit" double size below 5 inches, or 6 inches, the material should be of wood, power is not lower than 80W, the small column metal material like ordinary appliance stores the common small satellites, if there is no background subwoofer speaker independent, it is not pleasant to the ear.The speakers mainly undertake voice dialogue and the front part of the sound signal, "bass unit size not less than double 5 inches, power is not lower than 80W, otherwise it will not be able to enjoy throughout the film full of true voice dialogue.Surround speakers is mainly responsible for the field behind the signal reduction, the bass unit size can not be lower than the single 5 inches, the same power of not less than 80W, otherwise it will cause the sound field and out of touch, not coherent, and behind the large dynamic signal distortion reduction.4. generation audio power amplifierThe next generation of audio power amplifier, that is, with HDMI1.3A interface, support DTSHD, MasterAudio, Dolby, THueHD and other lossless coding format signal power amplifier. The next generation of audio encoding format is now multi-channel audio standard format, with 100% characteristics of lossless, bit rate up to 18Mbps, if you do not support the next generation of audio amplifier if you are unable to play the multi-channel audio format.According to the sound system collocation above four points up to achieve the basic effect of home theater, with the cheapest configuration of the basic requirement of about 7 thousand yuan, this should be a standard home theater sound system the lowest budget line.
Q:How about Boston a2310 family cinema?
2100 inch 16:9 frame or electric curtain 1000 or so;
Q:Can home theater and family karaoke share a pure power amplifier?
That's a good idea. I'm using it right now. Many power amplifiers are up to you.2, you should ask a person and the first person to promote the matching with YAMAHA, easy-to-use functions, can freely switch 5.1 or 2 channel output power of selected unilateral 100-150W (main) can, now have a HDMI interface, Cara OK recommend YAMAHA 600, it is good.3, this program is one of the difficulties lies in the choice of speakers, power amplifier can be switched freely, but the speakers will not, in this regard should have their own priorities. Because it is beneficial to sing K speakers, in amplification and common sound, can provide a good level output, but when watching movies and songs, the sound and sound positioning and delicate is not good, on the contrary, the same. So choose such as CAV or BMB this kind of vertical speaker box based K horizontal box, to see which aspects of your focus more. Mid surround impact will not be too great!
Q:Does the home theater 5.1 sound system have to be as long as the sound line?
If you are equipped with professional speakers lines, as long as not more in the ground roll, 5 meters long is no problem
Q:What are the functions of the home theater now?. Yes, the new feature ~ mainstream introduction, Kaisho Sheshela
With home theater, at least 5.1 systems, that is, in the main box, surrounded by subwoofer. At present, the most popular audio formats are all HD audio tracks, so the purchased power amplifier must be decoded with the Dolby HD and DTS HD audio tracks. On the interface, the HDMI interface is now the most popular and is now the 1.4 version of the HMDI interface, because 1.4 of the HDMI interface is capable of transmitting 3D images. None of the pastIf the effect is good, do not buy god horse pioneer, PHILPS, Sony suit, these are just beautiful, the effect is much worse
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2009
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
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