Q235B spiral pipe can be processed inside and outside anti-corrosion

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Standard: AISI,JIS,GB,BS,DIN,API,EN,ASTM Technique: Hot Rolled,Saw Shape: Round
Surface Treatment: Galvanized,Oiled,Black,PVDF Coated Steel Grade: Q195,Q215,Q235,Q215B,Q235B,RHB335,HRB400,200 Series,300 Series,400 Series,600 Series,SS400-SS490,10#,20#,A53(A,B) Thickness: 3-100mm
Length: 6-12m Outer Diameter: 20-2020 Net Weight: 1t

Product Description:

Our main products are: seamless steel tube (hot rolling, cold drawing);Spiral steel tube;Straight seam steel tube;Heat expanding steel tube;Large diameter thick wall steel tube;Alloy steel tube;Anti-corrosion and heat preservation steel pipe.Scope of seamless steel tube: diameter 57mm-910mm wall thickness 2.0mm-26mm;Double-sided submerged arc welding spiral steel tube: diameter: 219mm-3600mm; wall thickness: 6.0mm-30mm;Straight seam resistance welded steel tube (ERW) : diameter 21.3mm-457.2mm wall thickness 1.8mm-14.27mm and straight seam double-sided submerged arc welding pipe: diameter 310mm-3200mm wall thickness 6mm-60mm;Thermal expansion seamless steel tube: diameter 245mm-920mm wall thickness 6.0mm-34mm;Large diameter thick wall steel tube: diameter 351mm-3600mm wall thickness 26mm-80mm. Seamless steel tube execution standard: GB/T8162 8163 3087 5310 6479 9948 5312.Helical steel tube executive standard: GB/T9711.1 9711.2 SY/T5037 5040 APTSPEC 5L.Straight seam steel pipe standards: GB/T3091971113793APISpec5L.Thermal expansion steel pipe executive standard: GB/T8162 8163 3091.Large diameter thick wall steel pipe executive standard: GB/T3091 3092 14980 13793.Alloy steel pipe standards: GB3087, 5310, 6479, 9948 SY/T6194API5CTAPI5LAPI5BASTM53M?ASTMA106 ASTMA213/213 m DIN17175. 

According to customer requirements, the company can undertake steel tube of the single and double fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), double polyethylene powder (2 PE pipe) and three layers of polyethylene (3 PE steel pipe), double polypropylene (pp) and polypropylene (pp), three layer of epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion coating pipeline anticorrosion engineering and IPN8710 polymer anticorrosive coatings, cement mortar pipe wall corrosion pipe internal coating such as a variety of anti-corrosion structure of directly buried steel pipeline anticorrosion engineering and rock wool insulation sets of steel, black/yellow leather jacket polyurethane foam insulation pipe engineering, execution DIN30670?30671, SY/T4013 0315 standard, is widely used in oil, natural gas, gas, water and other long transmission pipelines and petrochemical enterprises urban central heating pipe network, gas pipe network and other projects, products with high strength, high pressure, easy to install, low cost, long service life and many other advantages, by the user's praise.

Q235B spiral pipe can be processed inside and outside anti-corrosion

Q235B spiral pipe can be processed inside and outside anti-corrosion




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Q:What is the diameter of the steel tube DN20?
Pipe installation without conversion, because in the same standard in the same diameter connecting dimensions of the same nominal pressure level of the same, and the same material have the same diameter, the nominal diameter of the purpose is to facilitate connectivity
Q:Difference between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe
Welding pipes can be used in water pipelines, gas pipelines, heating pipes, electrical appliances, pipelines and so on.
Q:How to perform nondestructive inspection of steel tubes
The detection principle is based on the ferromagnetic material is magnetized in a magnetic field, discontinuity materials and products (defects) produce leakage magnetic field, magnetic powder adsorption (or detecting) and appear (or on the instrument display). Therefore, this method can only be used for the inspection of the surface or near surface defects of ferromagnetic materials or products.
Q:D108*4 what does "D108" mean by seamless steel tubes? What does "*4" mean?
D108: refers to the outer diameter of 108mm;4: refers to the wall thickness of 4mm.
Q:What's the difference between a cracked carbon steel tube and a liquid carbon steel tube?
If the material is the same, the process is different from the test.
Q:How to make the magnetic steel, can be like a magnet?
Of course, not all materials can be magnetized, austenitic stainless steel will not do.
Q:Is the diameter of the steel tube indicated by the outer diameter by the wall thickness or by the inside diameter by the wall thickness?
Seamless steel pipe specifications are: outer diameter, wall thickness, material. Three of these reflect its main features.Welding pipe specifications are: nominal diameter (internal diameter), galvanized or non plated
Q:Can seamless steel pipe and ordinary steel pipe be welded?
Seamless steel tube branch and seamed two, seamed steel pipe welding is formed, all two can be welded together, if you do not allow the use of seam tube cannot connect.
Q:How do you solder purple copper plate and steel tube?
When the copper pipe and the size is not too large, such as 10 mm below the pipe welding, brazing is suggested, with brass solder, such as Wei Odin 201 solder, with supporting solder paste, with a neutral flame welding, the copper plate is heated to about 800 degrees, and then use the solder with 201 Wei Odin 201-F in solder welding, welding wire with melt molding.
Q:The outer circle of a seamless steel pipe 50 head into the outer circle of the 40 to close
That is, according to the production process of different classification, different from hot rolling (expansion) pipe. In the process of expanding the tube or raw material tube, it is processed by multiple cold drawing, usually on single chain or double chain cold drawn machine of 0.5 ~ 100T. Cold rolled steel pipe (DIAL) in general, steel pipe for low and medium pressure boiler tube, high-pressure boiler steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking tube, machining pipe, thick wall pipe, small diameter and cold drawn steel tube also includes other tubes, carbon thin-walled steel, alloy thin-walled steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, special-shaped wall steel pipe. The outside diameter of cold drawn steel tube wall thickness to 6mm, to 0.25mm, to 5mm diameter thin-walled tube wall thickness is less than 0.25mm in size, accuracy and surface quality were significantly better than the hot (expanding) tube, but by the process control, its diameter and length are limited.

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