PVC wrap Film,stretch film

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Product Description:

Wrap film also to be called the stretch film,it is a kind of plastic film that has the coherency to stretch and to bind tightly the packed goods,and the viscose will not adhere to the goods surface,only exists in film and film surface.There is no need to carry on heat shrinking in the packaging process.Our stretch film is make of PVC material using a melt-blown process.This is a slower process but provides for higher quality,so,our film is thin,high strength and high transparency.

Features and applications:

Soft,transparent and easy to use,just tear the film by hand after finish wrapping,and it can stick by itself,no adhesive is need.Used as an overwrap on wire and cable(single line,parallel lines,telephone line,eletronic wire and etc),preventing clutter of cable and wear of plastic surfaces by frequent movement,beautify and tighten the cable products.Warpping for enameled wire,copper wire,aluminum wire and etc.preventing oxidized.Packing for carton,stainless steel hardware,plastic hose,furniture and etc.dust proof and moisture proof.

Regular sizes:

Width less than 1500mm and thickness in 0.02-0.2mm,any specification can be customized.

1Hand wrap film

A,Injection-molded plastic core tape

The injection-molded plastic core was developed to wind PVC stretch film tape,it is light and can be ignored the weight;the edges are smooth and will not hurt our fingers,also can speed up the packaging and improve our work efficiency!

The core was designed to be one inch,and arrcording with national standards,it can be applied to the packaging machine too.The tape was made by the most advanced slitting-rewinding machines in domestic,as it was slit and then rewind on the core,therefore,it will break down as undercut problem,and can be used up and no waste.

B,paper core tape

Core size in 76mm

Thickness is usually in 0.015mm or a little bit thicker

Colors: white or light green

Length:40-50cm and so on.

C,Other core tape

Other cores are available,for example,gypsum core,plastic core and etc.

2Automatic machine wrap film

The tape was made by the most advanced slitting-rewinding machine in domestic,with PVC core,diameter in 76mm,according with national standards.This product is the most advanced,the latest and popular products,it is our key recommendation.Colors are yellow/white and light blue;Width are usually in 4-5cm;Thickness is about 0.06mm.Of course,color,width and thickness can be customized.

Technical specifications:


tensile strength




elongation at break




Tear strength of right angle



Adhesion force




water vapor transmission rate


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