Prices of Mortar Silo Manufacturers 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t/150t/200t/300t/500t

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Prices of Mortar Silo Manufacturers 

Main Structure of Mortar Silo

  • Dimension(L*W*H): Size for Grain Silo

  • Weight: Weight for Grain Silo

  • Usage: grain silo

  • Technology: China Leading,Germany

  • Silo Materials: Hot Galvanized Steel

  • Galvanized Coating: 275-600g/m2

  • Bottom Type: Flat or Hopper Type

  • Gas-tightness: Perfect Gas-tightness

  • Auxillary System:Drying,Cleaning,Dedusting,Lifting and Conveying

  • Monitoring System: Temperature and Moisture Supervision SIMENS PLC

  • Silo Life: 25-40 Years

  • Installation and Debugging: Engineers Sevice Overseas for grain silo


Bottom shape

Hopper Type

Flat Bottom Type




Design view


Heavy structural “wide-flanged” columns

Columns designed “X” bracing

Pressure bearing is higher than the national standard, and safe enough.


Can be built by concrete or steel based on your requirement and actual demand.

Silo Discharge 

Hopper is with Rigorous Full Load Safety Calculation. SRON has 0 Silo Hopper Accidents and 0 Silo Accidents

Can be made by concrete or steel

There will be one or more discharge holes on the bottom based on different materials and capacity.


Normally no need sweeper for hopper bottom silo except for high viscidity materials


Clean up residual easier

China Famous Brand or France Brand


1-    One of the Earliest Integral Solution Provider of Silo System

2-    With the Most Reliable Project Design Technology Team

3-    We Work All Efforts Out to Guarantee the All-round Safety of Your Project.

4-   We Have the Biggest Cost Advantage and Supervision of Raw Materials Quality as We are Located at the   Galvanized Steel Production Base.

5-    With all over 3000 units silo projects under good operation till now

6-    With us, you can choose spiral folding and bolt assembly types silos

7-   Have Strategical Cooperation with COFCO, YIHAI CHERRY China National Reserve etc. and Have Participated Several International Bank Projects.


1-  Raw Materials. The silo body steel plate and support leg steel are all of national standard and from famous steel factory.
2-  Core Parameters of Steel Plate Thickness, Weight and Useful Volume of SRON Cement Silo

60T Cement Silo80T Cement Silo100T Cement Silo
Body Thickness3.0-4.0-5.5(mm)2.5-3.5-4.9(mm)3.5-4.5-6.5(mm)3.0-4.0-5.0(mm)3.5-4.5-6.5(mm)3.0-4.0-5.0(mm)
Support Legφ219*3.67mmφ219*3.0mmφ219*4.25mmφ219*3.67mmφ219*4.25mmφ219*3.67mm
Useful Volume≥48m3≤44m3≥65m3≤58m3≥83m3≤73m3


Prices of Mortar Silo Manufacturers 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t/150t/200t/300t/500t

Prices of Mortar Silo Manufacturers 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t/150t/200t/300t/500t

Prices of Mortar Silo Manufacturers 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t/150t/200t/300t/500t

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Draw a unit square (each side is 1 unit). Then draw a semicircle of diameter 1 on top of this, if you do this right the centerpoint of the circle will be at the midpoint of the top line of the square. Now draw a circle that goes thru the two lowest corners of the square the top of your silo, this is the smallest circle that contains it. Remember this doesn't have to be perfect to follow my explaination. Starting at the very top of the circle, draw a line straight down thru the top line of the square, but stop at the bottom line of the square. Label the top point of this line E, the mid point of this line F the bottom of the line G. If you've done everything right, the length of EF is 1/2 (the radius of the semicircle) and the length of FG is 1 (same length as the sides of the square). Pick a point on this line that looks like it's at the center of the circle (this should be between F G) draw a line out to one of the lower corners of the square. Label the end of this line at the center of the circle C the other end at the corner of the square H. Now we are done drawing. Since C is the center of the circle, we can see that CE is the radius of the circle. And CH is also the radius of the circle. So CE = CH. We can write an equation for each set them equal to each other. Lets say the distance from C to G is x, write an x next to it. Since FG = 1, FC is 1 - x, write that next to FG. So the length of EC = EF + FC = 1/2 + 1 - x = 3/2 - x. Now find the length of CH. Using the pythagorean theorum, we know square root of HG squared + CG squared = CH or CH = (HG^2 + CG^2)^1/2 = (1/2^2 + x^2)^1/2 = (1/4 + x^2)^1/2 EC = CG, so 3/2 - x = (1/4 + x^2)^1/2 Square both sides to get (3/2 - x)^2 = 1/4 + x^2 or 3/2^2 - 3/2x - 3/2x + x^2 = 1/4 + x^2 or 9/4 -3x + x^2 = 1/4 + x^2 or 9/4 - 1/4 = 3x or 2 = 3x, so x = 2/3 EC = 1/2 + 1 - x = 1/2 + 1 - 2/3 = 3/2 - 2/3 = 9/6 - 4/6 = 5/6. Your radius is 5/6 or 0.833333.

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