PPR Green Pipes Fittings Tee with high quality

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Product Description:

Features of ppr pipe Fittings:

1, Size: DN16-160mm

2, Big and Experienced Factories produced which carrying certificate Like CE and AENOR

3, Material: Random Polypropylene

4, Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa

5, Colors: white, green, grey, light brown or other colors as your request

6, Connection: socket fusion joint, electro fusion joint or transition joint

7,Standard:GB/T18742.2-2002,GB/T18742.3-2002,GB/T13663-2000,GB/T5836.1-2006,DIN8077, DIN8078

PPR Green Pipes Fittings Tee with high quality

Applications: Cold or hot water supply, heating system including flooring heating and radiating    system, central air conditioning system, industrial liquids transportation


Advantage of ppr pipe Fittings:   

1: Long life for more than 50years under normal condition
2 :High Temperature Resistance:the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius,the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degree Celsius
3: Healthy and Non-Toxic,Bacteriologically neutral,confirming to drinking water standard
4 :Recycled and Environment-friendly
5 :Convenient and reliable for installation




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Q:How do I reach the plastic tubing where it attaches to the water dispenser in the door of my fridge?
there is almost always a screw located behind the water bar that you can remove the push levers than you will see the other screw to remove the plastic front cover the problem is usually more than tubing pulling off it is more likely a broken part however you can get almost any part from frigidaire ?? less than a year isnt it under warrantee?? dont try to open it if it is that can void your warrantee
Q:Tube in vein.? :/ scared shitless..?
And they do this procedure SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!!!!!!! YOU'LL BE FINE!!!!!!!
Q:i was blowing in this like enclosed plastic tube and all of a sudden i hear a crackle sound between my ear and?
that is reverse air pressure in your ear from the air going up the Eustachian tube and hitting the eardrum
Q:How to connect the plastic pipe and the steel pipe joint?
PPR pipe and steel pipe have special pipe fittings, such as internal thread direct, external thread direct, internal thread elbow, outer thread elbow, inner thread three links, and so on.
Q:Science Project Help--Bending Plastic Tube to Form.?
Heat it where you want the bend. If it is small tubing and depending on what it is made of, place where you want the bend to be in boiling water, take it out, bend it to shape and hold it there until it cools. If it is of a better material or thicker, wrap it with aluminum foil and hold it over a candle, but beware that it will get very hot and may start to melt. P.S. After reading again, you want to straighten it, so you will need to heat it and then roll it back and forth slowly until it cools.
Q:Do black ghosts *need* a tube of some sort for shelter?
They need a hiding spot to be comfortable. If can be a cave of rocks, a chunk of driftwood, a dense clump of plants, or even a plastic pipe. But it doesn't have to be a plastic tube, they are quite rare in the wild, so generally they make do with a piece of driftwood. Ian
Q:in a project tornado with 2 plastic bottles, what can I use instead of a tornado tube?
We always used wide electrical tape. Works fine. [EDIT] MacGuyver was a tv show from the 80s. This guy could do anything with whatever he found lying around. You should totally check it out.
Q:auto:My Dodge Neon needs its brakes bled. What size plastic tube is used?
all the tube does is makes it easier to catch the brake fluid in a cup, you dont necessarily need it, but it can be nice...
Q:How to I make a male thread on a piece of plastic tubing?
go to the big box hardware and buy the correct adapter your plan to thread PVC pipe will weaken the pipe and can cause a leak or blow the end off the pipe at the worst possible 3am sleeping time == the correct adapter only costs less than one dollar ...
Q:Which drain is more effective, plastic pipe or concrete drain?
A lot of road construction is made with bellows.

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