pp silt fence

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Product Description:

PP rolls

All of different specifications of PP  trapaulin are available

  1) Weaving Condition (mesh of weft & warp/sq.inch) : 7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12,14x14,16x16.

  2) Weight : 55gram/sq.m~ 280gram/sq.m

  3) Any color available

Width : normal - 2M or 72inches (183cm)

       maximum 4m width also available

Color : Any color available

UV,FR Treatment available

Features and Advantages:

a. Waterproof and weather reistant

b. High tensile strength, tear strength

c. Effiicient use ang washable

d. Improved stability

e. Environment - friendly packing

f. any color is available according to customers' request.


a. Collecting light materials.(leaves,cuttings, lawnthatch and weeds etc)

b. Used collecting waste paper, recycling and laundry.

c. Used for storing small quantities of heavier materials.

d. It can be endless used around the home , garden and workplace.

Our products have been exported to all over the world. We have been committed to providing customers with quality products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can have a long-term cooperation with you.

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Q:Questions about plastic?
What do you mean where it is made? Edit: If you wanted to know what does it mean I can help(though google also found the answer): HDPE stands for High Density Poly Ethylene, so that particular bottle/cap is made of that, you will also find these marked either by numbers, abbreviations or both: 1 - PET = Poly Ethylene Terephthalate 2 - HDPE = see above 3 - V = Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC 4 - LDPE = Low Density Poly Ethylene 5 - PP = Poly Propylene 6 - PS = Poly Styrene 7- ... = Other Also, it is common that a plastic bottle and it's cap is not made of the same material which is a problem if you want to recycle(it is not recommended to mix various plastic types for recycling).
Q:Is water boiled in a plastic kettle carcinogenic?
There are many types of plastics. Plastic is like a sponge to many chemicals and odors. When you heat it, it expands and the bonds become very active, allowing pollutants and chemicals to leave the plastic. Cancer is caused by infections in the body and chemicals create irritations and lead to infections. Combination of chemicals is also a factor that many forget. To answer your question correctly, you would have to be very specific about what plastics were used and what chemicals and junk was the plastic exposed; then what chemicals would combine with those plastics in your body to get a good answer. good luck to you
Q:Toxic plastic food and drink containers?
Only use plastics manufactured specifically for use in microwaves. Me, I don't even trust a water bottle after it's been sitting in my car a few days. I prefer to err on the side of caution on this one.
Q:How can I remove super glue from plastic?
Sometimes you can remove superglue with acetone, which is the main ingredient of some fingernail polish removers. Check the bottle, though, some are acetone free. Acetone might also melt the plastic, though, it's a great solvent. You can also try scraping off the rhinestones and superglue with a single edged razor, such as a box cutter. Again, you run the risk of damaging the plastic. And, of course, you run the risk of damaging yourself.
Q:Plastic shrapnel versus metallic/glass?
Plastic won't have the range of metallic shrapnel, nor will it have the penetration capabilities. As far as glass goes, I wouldn't it except in foodstuffs/water (yes, if you're gonna talk about IEDs, might as well talk of sabotaging someone's dinner, too). I would use plastics unless there was a risk of my target using a metal detector.
Q:can plastic bottles be used as a storage container for:?
No, there are different processes, and the problem is that the plastic bags are made of a different type of polymer than the bottles(to make them softer and malleable). These plastics must be separated and recycled with other plastics of their own type. There are 7 types of commercial plastics. To see which one it is, simply look for a number surrounded by chasing arrows(shown on yahoos earth day logo). Plastic bags are mainly Polyethylene teraphthatlate, or PET or type 1.
Q:What's the difference between vinyl and plastic?
What Is Vinyl
Q:Is cheese made of plastic?
Cheese and Onion, I cannot stand Salt and Vinegar.
Q:what is worse for the environment, plastic bottles or plastic bags?
It is popular - and easy - to demonize plastic bags. But plastic bags actually have a smaller carbon footprint than paper bags. They take less resources and create less wasteful byproducts to manufacture, and they take up less room in a landfill. And far less than a cloth bag. You have to use a cloth bag over a dozen times to even out its carbon footprint, and that does not include washing the reusable bag, which of course, is necessary to be sanitary. Plastic water bottles - well, you have to use a stainless steel refillable water bottle 500 times to even out its carbon footprint to plastic bottles. I don t know about you, but my stainless steel water bottles don t last that long. We too often jump on the bandwagon without getting all the facts.
Q:Is there a name for plastic canvas knitting?
tricky factor. research from bing and yahoo. that will help!

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