Portable Power Bank-PB502

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103000 /month

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China (Mainland)
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Black/ White/Blue


1.The overcharge protection function.

2. Discharge while Charge

3. Best qulity battery

4. Capacity 1800 mA& above available

5. Customized Logo,Packing


7. Switch Button: 5V/1000mA±0.5%、5V/500mA± 0.5%

8. Flash Light Function

9. Short circuit protection

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Q:What is the advantage using the power capacitor bank and an equialent capacitance valued capacitor?
Capacitor banks are used to compensate inductive loads such as motors. So capacitors are included when power factor reduces (high inductive load)and are switched off as power factor increases. The capacitors should not overcompensate. Briefly banks are used for variable capacitances.
Q:I am a NRI living in the US. I want to give power of attorney to my aunt to to banking stuff. I can get a doc?
The Power of Attroney (POA) has to be drafted in the bond paper and same has to be attested at the embassy after it should be to be sent back to India and has to be registered at the local sub-Registrar Office. Advocate High Court Chennai
Q:What is the advantage and disadvantage of having gene bank?
Q:ganisment bank accounts?
No, it's LEVY a bank account, its gaRnish wages (note the R). In theory, yes. But they have to have a court order to do so. And to get that, they have to drag you into court (or try) and argue their case. Even a judgment is only a court recognition of the debt. It does NOT give them the power to seize any of your assets. The only exception is the government (like the IRS). They give you a chance to respond and if you do not, they can enact garnishments or levies (usually the latter).
Q:Where can I find a Power Strip with 12+ outlets with a designated switch for each outlet?
Suppose you plug the strip into a 110V outlet with a 16A breaker. The maximum power you can draw is then 1760W (in reality, a bit lower like 1500 without tripping). All the outlets in the strip are in parallel, and are all rated 16A. You can draw 16A from one and nothing from the others, or 4A each from 4 of them. There is only 16A possible in total, for all the wall outlets on that breaker (probably 2 on the wall outlet, plus other wall outlets, plus maybe some lighting). The only way to get more power is to find an outlet on a different breaker, maybe in another room, and put half the load on that (In Canada, kitchen outlets are split on two breakers so you can draw 32A from one 2-outlet wall socket). But unless you are crazy with christmas lights, you won't come anywhere near 16A, particularly with LED ones.
Q:Who warned us about Banks taking advantage of the taxpayers?
That is a rather idealistic and naive point. The power of the banks in most western nations but in particular the United States of America and Great britain is truly awesome and both governments tread on very thin ice when negotiating with these very clever and utterly ruthless crocodiles. In many ways the senior directors of the major banks and other financial institutions wield more power and have greater influence in decisions affecting the nation than the 'here today gone tomorrow' politicians.
Q:How can I get a solar powered roof in LA?
depending on what you mean by a solar powered roof A solar powered roof vent fan can be as cheap as $100 $200 installed. There are solar roof vents that cost over $250 each (plus intallation) Solar electric panels are appx $20 per watt plus installation. To power your whole house figure on $20,000 worth of panels. Then you need the battery bank for the system to provide power when its dark. and a DC-AC inverter that can put out the needed power. Solar water heating can be pretty cheap For a few hundred dollars you can set up a system that will heat a swimming pool using natural circulation.
Q:I think I have a Super Power?
ohtell everybody
Q:How can I increase the power in my 04 Subaru Impreza Wrx without breaking the bank?
Place a bleed valve between the inlet manifold and wastegate actuator. Cost will be about AU$100. Only do this if you have an accurate boost gauge. A free flowing exhaust will compliment this immensely, however a straight through rear muffler will do. Remember : AIR POWER. You will have to bypass or trick the boost solenoid by looping the boost inlet to the output side. BEWARE: MORE BOOST MEANS MORE HEAT. TOO MUCH HEAT MEANS DETONATION FOLLOWED BY BLOWN MOTOR. 16PSI SHOULD GIVE YOU A MODEST IMPROVEMENT. Good luck!!
Q:in the case of McCulloch vs Maryland, the supreme court?
b. ruled that Congress could charter a national bank The Supreme Court, however, decided that the chartering of a bank was an implied power of the Constitution, under the “elastic clause,” which granted Congress the authority to “make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution” the work of the Federal Government.

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