Portable Cutting Cleaning Table for Camping Hunting

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Item specifice

Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:

Multi-purpose sink table is perfect for picnics, camping, fishing and almost any kind of outdoor activity with family and friends.

Tabletop station is made of heavy-duty plastic, ideal for prepping meals or cleaning new catches.

Sink features a stainless steel faucet that also has a garden hose hook up for water access.

Designed with foldable legs for easy storage and mobility.


Material: Plastic

Net Weight: 23.1 Pounds/10.5KG

Gross Weight:12KG

Thickness: 6.5CM

Product Dimensions: 24 x 46 x 37inches/61*117*94CM


Package Dimensions L x W x H: 47 x 25 x 4 inches/120*63.5*10CM


Q:Children's plastic table dirty, how to clean?
Since it is the children's use of goods, in addition to clean, but also pay attention to disinfection, first can decontamination, to clean the table surface dirt removal, then use disinfectant to wipe 84 can finally wipe with a clean water washing cloth several times table, such as decontamination and sterilization.
Q:Do you use frosted glass, plastic tablecloths, wooden tables, or transparent ones?
The ability to load is due to the corrosion resistance of glass. Although the main component of glass is silica and silicate, but because of the stability of the composition, chemical inertness, and many strong corrosive substances are not reactive, including sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc., but hydrofluoric acid can be corrosion
Q:How to erase a watercolor pen on a plastic tablecloth?
You can use isopropyl alcohol, but it's bad for your health,Some sell, a bottle of 20 dollars, this thing is very easy to use.
Q:How can I solve the problem of winding the plastic pad?
I also often encounter this problem. Used a lot of methods. For example, the clip, high temperature baking, a variety of methods are not available, back or roll back.
Q:How can I get the paper with a piece of paper glued to the plastic skin?
If you do not have rubber, you can use a stupid way, with fine soil, preferably dust, wipe on the glue to wipe, so that it will easily lose the adhesive. Rinse with clean water.
Q:The plastic tablecloth on the table has been shortened
The reason is that the egg yolk will sink to the bottom, so that the center of gravity of the egg down, so that the egg is still very unstable, and a little touch will lie down. The lower the center of gravity, the greater the stability of the object, the center of gravity below the support point, the object will be very stable
Q:Plastic tablecloths are thick and thin
If it is the same material after the good. Thin flat wallpaper for Xianchuan. Ge fork sand boiling the whole spine of the wall.
Q:Transparent plastic anti hot tea table pad color how to clean up
If it has been solidified stubborn paint, such as the above can not, go directly to the chemical shop to get some paint removerIf not, get some hydrogen acid with 50% sulphuric acid 50%.In the end, I guess your plastic mat can't stand it. It melts directly.
Q:Want to buy a collapsible hanging table, simple plastic or wood can be
I passed the picture, this is IKEA Norbert wall mounted folding table, my kitchen is this, 299 yuan, put dishes and cooked food is very convenient. You see, it should be what you say.
Q:Is the PVC plastic tablecloth poisonous?
Lead salt antioxidant of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products and ethanol, ether and other solvent exposure will lead precipitation. Lead salt of PVC as a food packaging and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, fried cake, fried fish, cooked meat products, cake snacks foods to meet, will lead to molecular diffusion into the grease, so can not use PVC plastic bags containing food, especially food containing oil. In addition, PVC plastic products at higher temperatures, such as about 50 degrees Celsius will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas, this gas is harmful to human body, so PVC products should not be used as food packaging.

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