Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Outdoor Bike Speaker With Power Bank Led Torch

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Product Description:

Hands-free speakerphone flashlight  stereo speakers and USB charger in one

Whether in the car, on the bike,while travelling or at home:

With the Bluetooth MultiSpeaker 4in1you can not only 

play your favorite music wirelessly - LED flashlight, 

handsfree function and USB power charging function make 

the handy companion to the all-round for travelling.


1.Bluetooth stereo loudspeaker

  The MultiSpeaker 4in1 allows wireless music 

  pleasure from every Bluetooth enabled device, e. g.   from your mobile phone or laptop. 

  So you can enjoy the full stereo sound anytime, 

  anywhere, alone or in company.


2.Bluetooth handsfree set

  The integrated handsfree set allows you to accept incoming calls. 

  Quickly fixed with the included retainer at the sun visor or the bicycle handlebars, 

  the MultiSpeaker makes phone calls while driving a save thing.


3.Powerful LED flashlight

  So that you never stand in the dark and always keep a clear view, 

  the MultiSpeaker can be changed to a LED flashlight 

  in seconds with the matching attachment.


Cabinet Material: ABS shell

Speaker Type: Interactive Mini Speaker

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Speaker Interface: Bluetooth docking

Charging: USB port

Power supply: 2100mAh lithium battery



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Q:Which speakers should I buy?
Crutchfield can be a good source of information as well as products, Yoy usually can do better on the prices, however.
Q:audio speaker question?
Surround sound is more than just more than 2 speakers. While you can connect extra speakers it isn't going to give you real surround sound. Proper surround sound is coded into the signal and is decoded and processed by a surround receiver/amplifier. While more channels are available the norm is 3 speakers at the front (L, C and R), a subwoofer and 2 side/rear speakers. This is called a 5.1 setup. As to connection, proper surround has one speaker connected to each channel of a 5 channel (or more) amplifier, and the subwoofer has its own amplifier. You would run the wires along baseboards, under the floor, inside walls or whatever works best for you. Hope that helps.
Q:Stereo speakers in my car?
Q:speakers near computer?
Speakers come electromagnetically shielded these days. so it shouldn't be a problem.
Q:a question on speakers, drivers, and amps?
If they are powered cpu speakers usualy get a boost from the subwoofer they are plugged into if they simply plug into the back of your cpu then they probly are not powered
Q:Strange noises coming from computer speakers?
you mean to assert, a buzzing sound is popping out from from the audio gadget? that is in basic terms the stereo jack that's hooked up from the sound output out of your pc. the floor cord grew to become into decrease by cord bending. you are able to replace it in basic terms in basic terms the jack and you are able to place in. observe that there are 3 rings spaced with 2 black plastic rings on the top, the 1st ring from the top is the two ideal or left channel additionally the 2d ring. and the final ring or the 0.33, is the floor.
Q:What can i do to fix my speakers?!?
Step 1: Check to make sure the balancefade settings are neutral or biased to that speaker. Step 2: Do a continuity check on the speaker wire between the head unit and the speaker ends. (disconnect both ends) I suspect you have a short in the wire somewhere. If you dont have a multimeter, first check by hooking up a different speaker. If the other speaker still doesnt work then replace the speaker wire from the head unit (dont worry about running behind the dash ect yet, just hook up the speaker to see if it works).
Q:does the ipod touch have speakers built in?
I wish! The iPhone has external speakers that your get to work with,but do us iTouch users get that royalty? No! I swear,they could at least let us listen without the headphones being yanked-or falling-out of our ears every five minutes,i mean,come on! We don't even have the luxury of having iTunes Visualizer!!!Uh,Double U Tee Eff?!?! I was like,No speakers? Zomg! No Visualizer? Zomfg!!! So,sorry,no speakers for usBoo-Hoo :(
Q:Can you plug speakers into laptops?
yes. you should have Two small jack sockets. one for sound out. one for Mic or line in I don't know ur laptop model, but either post back, or read your manual/go on-line to manufac. web site
Q:someone help with my speakers :(?
Sorry to tell you but you have blown the speakers. I use a general rule of thumb not to exceed 60% of maximum output. If that is too quiet then I would get more powerful speakers. Without a doubt I think you should be shopping for speakers! Your blown speakers are only 20 watts RMS. Sounds like you need at least 30 watts RMS not using 2.0 as you have been using but instead using 2.1 so you get the seperate bass woofer. Start here:

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