Polyester FDY Yarn Factory price Eco-friendly White Virgin Polyester Spun Yarn

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Product Description of FDY Yarn


100% polyester


FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn),  semidull


Multifilament Yarn, Continuous Filament


White and Black


Eco-Friendly, High Strength,


Knitting, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery


11-167dtex, 12-144F



1). sheath-core structure: low melting polyester+polyester,  Low melting polyester content:30%~40% 

2). 100 pure low melting polyester


Application and suggestion:

1. The adhesive of two layers of sports shoe Upper material  —FDY 50D/75D

2. Soft curtain, Zebra curtain, Roman curtain—FDY 75D/150D

3. Vertical blinds—FDY 250D

4. Filter net for air condition—FDY 30D/50D/75D/150D

5. Electromagnetic wire: PET-Glass fiber blended fiber—FDY 50D/75D

6. Garment lining cloth for suit, tie, hat, etc. —FDY 150D/50D/420D

7. Warp knitting fabric such as: Stiff mesh fabric, medical/food filter net, inner car decoration.

8. Top-grade eco-friendly filter material

9. Other applications: protective gloves, dust gauze, top-grade window screen, invisible screen, etc.


Package of FDY Yarn

The FDY yarned is packed by plastic film, paper board, foam board and wooden pallets. Each pallets is about 640-720kg. Box package is also available.

Polyester FDY Yarn Factory price Eco-friendly White Virgin Polyester Spun Yarn

Q:Men's sweaters with what yarn?
Needles: autumn and winter clothing generally choose some of the needle, the proposed 3-9 pin, yarn count: according to the number of yarn count should also be: 7-20S more appropriate. Color: autumn and winter men's best choice in the dark, wild color for the black, sapphire blue, Zhang Qing and other dark.
Q:What is the difference between mesh cloth and Bali yarn?
There are mesh-shaped holes in the fabric, can be used cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (thread) weaving, but also useful yarn and thread intertwined. There are white weave or yarn-dyed, but also a large jacquard, can be woven out of different patterns. Good ventilation, the dyeing and dyeing processing, cloth body very cool, in addition to summer clothing, especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.
Q:What are the differences between the yarn and the yarn of the yarn?
C21SDK: semi-combed yarn YC21SDK: semi-combed yarn cotton yarn is made of cotton fiber spinning process by the yarn, after the joint stock processing known as cotton thread. According to the different spinning process, can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn.
Q:Textile spinning yarn should be done first what to do
Merchandiser refers to the company in the course of operation, customer orders as the basis, tracking products, tracking the flow of services to the full-time staff. (Not part-time, alternative) all around the order to work, the delivery of the person responsible for the delivery, are Merchandiser.
Q:What is the yarn inside the textile industry is what kind of yarn?
Direct dye can be stained, is the natural fiber. And then go to the performance of the fiber, the dissolution test, to come to a certain type.
Q:What is the reason why the yarn is spinning
The insurance yarn is woven out of cloth on the edge of 0.5 to 1 cm of the lock side, is to prevent the yarn spread out the yarn, the insurance yarn is more important than the weaving yarn
Q:What is the yarn?
Yarn is a variety of textile fibers processed into a certain fineness of the product, used for weaving, rope, line, knitting and embroidery.
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
(2) combed yarn: cotton yarn is combed by the spinning system spinning yarn. Combing yarn selection of high-quality raw materials, yarn in the fiber straight parallel, knot less, good gloss, dry, high strength, this type of cotton yarn used for weaving high-grade fabric
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
According to the roughness habits: ① coarse yarn: 17 "special" (tex) and the following cotton yarn are coarse yarn. Mainly used for weaving thick or velvet, from the cotton fabric, such as coarse cloth, velvet, solid, etc .; ② in the yarn: 18-27 cotton yarn in the yarn, for weaving flat cloth, twill, satin and other general Woven fabric; ③ fine yarn: 28 and above cotton yarn, used for weaving fine cloth poplin, high-grade needle, woven fabric.
Q:There are several kinds of yarn in textile mill
Many varieties of yarn, different performance. It can be made of natural fibers or a variety of chemical short fibers made of pure spinning, it can be mixed by several fibers made of blended yarn, but also by the chemical fiber directly from the filament yarn processing

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