PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting

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$3,000.00 - 3,500.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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500 set/month

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Product Description:


1.It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc.
2. Long service life, economical and practical

cutters series main datas
ModelBlade type (teeth)Motor power(kw)Unit Weight(kg)Max.output(kg/h)Cut-barroot numberOutside dimension(mm)
FPB-7B(7 edges)326014012-16920×780×1300
FPB-100φ100×100 14 edges1.51701104-8850×710×1250
FPB-140φ140×140 18 edges2.21901308-12900×790×1300
FPB-160φ160×160 22 edges327017012-16920×780×1300
FPB-180φ180×180 26 edges329021016-22950×800×1350
FPB-200φ160×200 22 edges328021016-24950×800×1350

Use: This machine is applicable to composite plastic brace cutting. It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc. Frequency conversion speed control device can be adopted according to the user’s requirements.
Features: Long service life, economical and practical, equable granule cutting, easy operation and stable performance.



 PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting


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Q:How about longitudinal cutting of big diameter plastic pipe?
Can also stand upright. Fix the sides with articles. Put the tool in the middle of the fixed object
Q:PVC how do you cut clear plastic plates?
Woodworking table saw, alloy saw blade, tooth number 80-120
Q:Can the laser cutting machine cut the plastic board?
The first thing to correct is that there is no industrial laser cutting machine with a power capacity of 500 kWI think what you want to say is 500W, and 500W is definitely a laser with 1064 nm wavelength
Q:How to make sure the plastic bag is fast on the hot machine?
If the appropriate specifications are selected, the corresponding machines will yield much more.However, the speed limiting factors are the thickness and the size of the bag.
Q:Cut the PVC plastic pipe with what steel blade is good 80
Use of 2Cr13 martensitic high chromium steel. This kind of steel with air quenching, Ji need heat treatment quenching, the hardness of HRC45
Q:Can fiber lasers cut plastic membranes?
Depending on what material is PMMA, and the effect of PC is better, PC will melt, pay attention to the distance, if it is ordinary plastic, or without laser, will produce smoke, optical fiber or focusing lens is discarded
Q:The silver print paper, like plastic, with the size of each label, is cut. How do you make it?
Can Baidu Biao wind barcode printing software free version of this label and get a good. Paper, you go to Taobao search, label paper should have a lot
Q:How do you cut transparent plastic plates?
Transparent plastic plate can be cut by wire sawing, cutting or milling machine, do not tear off the protective paper, and to prevent scratches.
Q:In addition to the plastic square hole laser cutting what
Laser is also the use of thermal effects, so as long as electric appliances, rope saws, wire and so on, can be cut.
Q:With the marble cutting machine 12mm thick hard plastic board saw what?
You can use alloy saw blade, marble machine is generally only loaded 4 inch alloy saw blade, with 30 teeth, tooth can be.

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