PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-140 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting

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$1,100.00 - 1,500.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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500 set/month

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Product Description:


1.It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc.
2. Long service life, economical and practical

cutters series main datas
ModelBlade type (teeth)Motor power(kw)Unit Weight(kg)Max.output(kg/h)Cut-barroot numberOutside dimension(mm)
FPB-7B(7 edges)326014012-16920×780×1300
FPB-100φ100×100 14 edges1.51701104-8850×710×1250
FPB-140φ140×140 18 edges2.21901308-12900×790×1300
FPB-160φ160×160 22 edges327017012-16920×780×1300
FPB-180φ180×180 26 edges329021016-22950×800×1350
FPB-200φ160×200 22 edges328021016-24950×800×1350

Use: This machine is applicable to composite plastic brace cutting. It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc. Frequency conversion speed control device can be adopted according to the user’s requirements.
Features: Long service life, economical and practical, equable granule cutting, easy operation and stable performance.




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Q:How do PS plastic panels cut?
I'm looking for a machine for cutting PS boards, too. Have you found it? Communicate
Q:What's the best way to cut a transparent organic plastic board?
With hook knife cutting, building materials hardware has sold, but also can use their own saw mill
Q:Is 0.5 mm plastic suitable for laser cutting?
Because the laser is hot cutting, heat conduction will certainly be black hair yellow, and if the blowing system done well, can only say that it will improve, can not be completely put an end to.
Q:How does a laser cutting machine make edges smooth?
If it's 3D, you don't have to worry about that! You don't understand, you can consult laser
Q:How about the slanting top of this plastic mould? 5
Cut in two steps. Each step is first cut with a through hole, that is, 27.2 10x8. Cut 36.28 of the straight face again.
Q:How many MW laser torches can cut plastic bottles?
It depends on the color of the plastic bottle.Lasers are more powerful than dark onesSuch as Connaught green 2.5W blue laser flashlight, you can burn wood, rubber, plastic.
Q:How do you cut a single axle plastic film into two sections?
As long as you this axis plastic film is not very thick, and the knife is sharp enough knife down, immediately One divides into two. smooth incision.Plastic film axis must not be too thick, otherwise, one size fits all, and repeated cutting, the edge is not uniform.
Q:What knife does hard plastic use?
I think we can saw themselves with simple hand sawAnd what else do you do with electric wire heating?
Q:The silver print paper, like plastic, with the size of each label, is cut. How do you make it?
Wah Wah, I just do this, there is a need to contact my user name Oh. Thank you
Q:What kind of saw blade can be used to cut PVC pipe?
For the Xiamen army new plastic cutting blade section smooth without burr is not sticky sticky and even burning. 3, no dust in the working environment,

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