Plastic blowing plastic barrier Fence Barrier

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Product Description:

Plastic Water Filled Barrier blowing rotational plastic safety barrier

1.Certification: CE
2.Material:PE and rubber
3.Export to: Australia, South America

Item name:Fence Barrier

Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2000


1.Model: WL-002






1.These items can  meet the needs of  force protection,physical security, crowed control.

2.It is easy to install,and the production is durable.
3.These portable  barriers  are light  in weight , and  very easy  to transport ,making  quick  development and  recovery possible.


Used in the crossing of  the   roads  and  tollstation to warn the drivers and  reduce the accidents .

Special remark:The feet of the PLastic Fence barrier can be adjustable in 360 degrees.Both red and blue Fence barriers are available at present

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