Warning post road safety flexible post,Warning post

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road safety flexible post,Warning post, traffic warning post, flexible warning posts, reflective road warning post

road safety flexible post,PE Rebounded Post-Warning Bollard/Warning post, post, bollard,

road safety flexible post,Warning post, traffic warning post, flexible warning posts, reflective road warning post, reflective post, retractable post, parking barrier post, delineator post, portable post, delineator post with base, collapsible post, collapsible post

Height: 950mm

Base Size: 260X260mm

Item Name

PE Rebounded Post

Model NO.






Base Size


Model: JSZ-001/002

Description: Product name: Warning post, PE Rebounded Post , road warning post,warning bollard, road post, road safety post,, PU spring post, Steel warning Post, Spring Post, Flexible post, Delineator post, warning post, High elasticity warning post


Elastic warning post is made from special rubber, PVC, PU, and special produced. It can go back to the original state very quickly after be impacted by force. It widely used in the entrance of the city, pavement or used as seperator of constructions. It can warning the drivers effectively, even if the vehicles bump the warning post, there will not exist the second hurt. The yellow and red color are very attractive in the day, and in the night, the reflective collar /film will refelect to catch the attention of the drivers.

With a history of 19 years, our company is among the top five manufacturers of road safety products.  We have 200 staff and two facrories of 20 thousand square meters. We manufacture various road safety prodcucts like rubber speed hump, PE/PVC traffic cone, traffic board, rubber corner guard, etc. Our products have been exported frequently to Europe,  Oceania, South America and Middle East.  

Unit Price:     Negotiable

Shipment Terms:   FOB

Payment Terms:  T/T

Minimum Order:   100

Price Valid Time: Before 2100

Origin:   China

Packing:       Woven Bag

Export Markets: Europe, Oceania, South America,Southeast Asia,Mid East

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