perfume power bank with led light

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1.Perfume power bank
2. Single USB with Keyring
3.Chinese power bank factory
4.A Quality and Competitive price

Perfume 2600mAh Power Bank, Portable Power Bank 2600mAh, 2600mAh Mobile Power Bank

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Product Description


Power Bank


  • High Capacity Lipstick-Sized Universal Portable Charger Power Bank for USB Charged Devices Can Double or Triple the life of your digital device

  • Quality construction and parts for long life, reliable use up to 500+ battery charge cycles

  • Charge Level indicator lights and Power On/Off

  • Micro-USB to USB cable included

  • Perfect for long road trips, flights and daily use

Power Bank


Product NamePerfume Power Bank
Battery CellsA Quality 18650 Battery * 1
Shell MaterialPC + ABS
ColourBlack, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow
Dismensiton95 x 22 x 22mm
IutputDC 5V - 1A
OutputDC 5V - 1A

Charge Temperature

Discharge Temperature -20°C~+60°C  
Safety Protection

Over Charge Protection, Over Discharge Protection,

Over Current Protection, Overvoltage Protection,

Short Circuit Protection, Incorrect Insertion Protection,

Temperature protection

Other Function

Single USB Output

CompatibleAll Kinds of Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone,MP3/4, etc

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Q:How do I wire a 24V solar panel to a 12V battery bank?
So your panel supplies 24 Volts 6.875 Amps. Thats the theoretical rating. In reality your panel must be supplying around 28 volts. And eight 12V, 35A batteries would make 24V,140A battery pack. If you have to charge a 24 volt pack you need to supply more than 24 volt in order to overcome EMF resistance. Ideologically you need 10% more power minimum so you have to charge with at least 26 - 28 volts otherwise your batteries won't charge. And charging 140A with 6 A would make the charging time 140/623.333 hours. Thats almost a day. I suggest you use a voltage regulator to keep the voltage more than 26 volts or better would be to step up the voltage to 30 volts then use a voltage reg in case your panel supplies no more than 24 volts. And to decrease the charging time, put more panels in parallel remember that Lead Acid batteries have to be charged only from 6-8 hrs minimum, so that would make a max charging current of 140/817.5 Amps. So don't put more than 3 panels in Parallel or you'll destroy your batteries.
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