perfume power bank with led light

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1.Perfume power bank
2. Single USB with Keyring
3.Chinese power bank factory
4.A Quality and Competitive price

Perfume 2600mAh Power Bank, Portable Power Bank 2600mAh, 2600mAh Mobile Power Bank

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Product Description


Power Bank


  • High Capacity Lipstick-Sized Universal Portable Charger Power Bank for USB Charged Devices Can Double or Triple the life of your digital device

  • Quality construction and parts for long life, reliable use up to 500+ battery charge cycles

  • Charge Level indicator lights and Power On/Off

  • Micro-USB to USB cable included

  • Perfect for long road trips, flights and daily use

Power Bank


Product NamePerfume Power Bank
Battery CellsA Quality 18650 Battery * 1
Shell MaterialPC + ABS
ColourBlack, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow
Dismensiton95 x 22 x 22mm
IutputDC 5V - 1A
OutputDC 5V - 1A

Charge Temperature

Discharge Temperature -20°C~+60°C  
Safety Protection

Over Charge Protection, Over Discharge Protection,

Over Current Protection, Overvoltage Protection,

Short Circuit Protection, Incorrect Insertion Protection,

Temperature protection

Other Function

Single USB Output

CompatibleAll Kinds of Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone,MP3/4, etc

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