Painted Galvanized Steel in Coils for Roofing

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25 m.t.
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100000 m.t./month
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1) AVAILABLE DESIGNATION OF (Prepainted galvanized steel coils) printed PPGI coils

QualityQ/BQB 440-2003JIS G3312-1994EN 10326-2004ASTM A653-02a
EN 10327-2004(BASE PLATE)
Commercial SteelTDC51DCGCCDX51D+Z/AZCS Type A/B/C
Forming Steel(TSt01,TSt02,TSt03)CGCD1FS Type A, Type B
SteelTS350GD(TStE34)CGC440S350D+Z/AZSS340 Class1

2) OUR SPECIFICATION OF (Prepainted galvanized steel coils) printed PPGI coils

Available Size:

ManufacturerThicknessWidthLength of plateInner diameter of coil
JIANGSU HUIYE STEEL SHEET CO.,LTD0.2-1.2mm800/914/1000/1200/1219/1250mm1000-6000mm508mm/610mm

Coated Mass OF (Prepainted galvanized steel coils) printed PPGI coils:

Base plateAvailable Coated Mass(g/m^2)
Galvanized Steel80, 100, 120, 160, 180
Galvalume Steel50, 70, 150

Available Painting OF (Prepainted galvanized steel coils) printed PPGI coils:

Category of PaintingItemCode
High-durability polyesterHDP
Silicon modified polyestersSMP
Polyvinylidene fluoridePVDF
Painting ThicknessTop side: 20+5microns;
Bottom side: 5~7microns.
Color SystemProduce according to RAL Color System or as per buyer’s color sample.
Painting structureTop surfaceBottom surface
Primer coatingNo coating1/0
Primer coatingPrimer coating1/1
Primer coating + Finish coatingNo coating2/0
Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating or single back coating2/1
Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating + Finish back coating2/2

Note: Protect film available

3) APPLICATION OF OUR (Prepainted galvanized steel coils) printed PPGI coil

ConstructionOutsideWorkshop, agricultural warehouse, residential precast unit, corrugated roof, roller shutter door, rainwater drainage pipe, retailer booth
InsideDoor, doorcase, light steel roof structure, folding screen, elevator, stairway, vent gutter
Electrical applianceRefrigerator, washer, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioning, micro-wave oven, bread maker
FurnitureCentral heating slice, lampshade, chifforobe, desk, bed, locker, bookshelf
Carrying tradeExterior decoration of auto and train, clapboard, container, isolation lairage, isolation board
OthersWriting panel, garbage can, billboard, timekeeper, typewriter, instrument panel, weight sensor, photographic equipment

Steel coils are used in the manufacturing of pipes and tubes by being unwound and fed into a pipe or tube mill. The steel coils are then shaped and welded together to form a continuous pipe or tube, which is further processed and finished according to specific requirements.
Steel coils are protected against scratches and damage through various methods such as applying protective coatings, using edge protectors, securely packaging them with appropriate materials, and ensuring careful handling during transportation and storage.
Steel coils are processed for slitting or shearing by first uncoiling the coil and then feeding it through a slitter or shear machine. The machine applies pressure or cuts the steel coil into narrower strips or smaller pieces, respectively. This allows for the production of various widths or sizes of steel products, which can be used in different industries.
Some common coil processing equipment used in the industry include coil slitting machines, coil winding machines, coil straighteners, coil feeders, and coil cradles. These machines are used to cut, shape, and feed metal coils in various manufacturing processes.
Q:What are some of the greatest steel guitar songs in the history of country music. Western swing applies also.
the answer would could be chum Emmons..he's performed with a number of the excellent artists in Nastyville!!! he's the guy who made all those Ray fee songs so bone chilling.
Custom orders for steel coils are handled by manufacturers through a methodical process. They begin by comprehending the specific requirements of the customer and engaging in detailed communication to gather information. This includes dimensions, tolerances, and other special needs. Manufacturers may offer technical expertise to ensure the feasibility of the custom order. Once the requirements are clarified, manufacturers proceed with designing and engineering the custom steel coils. Advanced software and engineering tools are utilized to create detailed designs and specifications that cater to the customer's unique needs. Prototypes or samples may be created for the customer's approval before full-scale production. After the design phase, manufacturers initiate the production process by sourcing the appropriate raw materials, such as steel coils with the desired composition and thickness. The coils undergo various manufacturing stages, including cutting, shaping, and forming, to achieve the desired dimensions and shapes. Specialized equipment and machinery guarantee precision and accuracy throughout the production process. Quality control plays a crucial role in handling custom orders. Manufacturers conduct thorough inspections and testing procedures at different stages of production to ensure that the custom coils meet the customer's specifications and industry standards. This involves checking for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, mechanical properties, and other specific requirements. Third-party inspection agencies may be involved, and manufacturers may provide customers with test reports and certifications to ensure quality assurance. Lastly, once the custom steel coils are manufactured and pass all quality checks, they are meticulously packaged and delivered to the customer. Manufacturers ensure proper packaging and shipping methods to prevent damage during transit and ensure the coils reach the customer in optimal condition. In summary, steel coil manufacturers handle custom orders by collaborating closely with customers, designing and engineering specialized coils, maintaining quality control throughout the production process, and delivering the custom coils to the customer's satisfaction. This systematic approach enables manufacturers to meet the unique requirements of each customer and provide high-quality custom steel coils.
Q:I would like to buy a new cold steel recon 1 folding knife. My concern is the knife is made in Taiwan, will the quality of blade/overall make is lower quality compare with those made in US/JAPAN? The plan is use as an EDC, any good suggestion with similar style? Most important to me is reliability, 2)sharpness, 3) maintance than 4)cost. Anyone can point me into right direction? Please share, Thanks in advance.
I think that 440 stainless steel is pretty good. I like Gerber,Kershaw knives in 440 stainless steel. D2 steel is also as good or better than 440. I am not sure of Taiwan/China steel.
Q:Galvanized Steel or Standard Steel. This will be for the grilling surface.
Bare steel. Galvanized or ANY coated racks will produce deadly chemicals in the food when heated. Galvanizing is a tin coating applied to the surface of the iron. Cadmium is a deadly chemical when ingested and is one of the chemicals on refrigerator racks. I'm not sure about Stainless Steel. The safest way is if in doubt DON'T.
Steel coils are used in the shipbuilding industry primarily for the construction of ship hulls, decks, and other structural components. These coils are typically processed and shaped into plates, beams, and other forms to provide strength and stability to the ship's structure. The high tensile strength and durability of steel make it an ideal material for shipbuilding, ensuring the vessel's ability to withstand harsh marine environments and heavy loads.
The role of steel coils in the production of conveyors is to provide structural support and strength to the conveyor system. Steel coils are used to create the framework and components of the conveyor, ensuring durability and reliability in moving heavy loads. They are the backbone of the conveyor, allowing it to handle various materials and withstand the stresses of continuous operation.

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