New Design Monofocal 35mm Fa Lens F1.7 Manual Iris Camera Accessory Cctv Lens

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New design monofocal 35mm FA lens F1.7 manual iris  camera accessory 


1.Our products have passe OHSAS18001:1999,GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004,GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008

2.Quality control:Our products are guaranteed by the strict QC system

3.Hot selling kind of lens

4.Comprehensive two years' quality warranty

5.Competitive price 




1.High resolution,clear image,all-metal lens

2.Fixed focal length 35mm,2/3 inch,C-mount,F1.7 aperture manual lris lens

3.CCTV lens/CCTV camera lens/Security cctv lens/Monitoring lens/ megapixel cctv lens/ surveillance lens/optical lens/manual lris cctv lens/fixed focus cctv lens

4.the lens inside are all 100% wel-environment glass.




Model Number

ABF-F3517MV-H 2/3"

Focal Length(mm)








Angle of View






Net Weight(g)
















ABF monofocal manual iris lens serie:




ABF fixed focus auto iris lens series:




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Q:My camera lens stuck
Non-lens problem maintenance, the cost is often very low. So, when you repair the most important thing is to know where the camera is the root, where you have the right to ask the maintenance side to tell you the reasons and maintenance methods, and then determine whether the maintenance costs outrageous. In addition, according to personal experience, boot LCD display lens error and then automatically retracted to go, this should not be the lens of the action of the gear, so you can exclude the camera did not fall .
Q:Is the digital camera lens related to the pixel? Is the lens really important?
In two ways 1. Consumption of DC imaging quality and the relationship between the lens, and consumer DC positioning relationship, simply say that high-end (2000-3000) high pixel than the low-end low-pixel (2000 look at the yuan) of the larger size of the camera than the small Of the card machine good lens diameter is much better than the caliber of the good according to this arrangement should be the same as the lens and the pixel is also important and the machine technology is the new technology or the old line is very large 2. SLR camera pixel level and the quality of the relationship between the level of quality is not great, the key is the lens is more important to play SLR lens first fuselage pixel second, of course, playing the relative difficulty of SLR also need to have more systematic photography knowledge
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
3. wipe with a lens pen: the use of the lens before the pen must ensure that the surface of the lens to ensure that there is no dust particles, and then gently pull the lens from the middle of the lens clockwise out, after a time to blow off the lens surface off Lens toner, and then observe the effect, then rub and then blow! Repeated 4-5 times the lens should be bright as new! The expert said that any of the actions of the lens are hurt lens coating! Although the lens pen is a relatively safe tool, you should also be careful to use, with the lens pen gently wipe, it should be noted that the lens pen is also life, when the brushed polished, it must be replaced. The lens will always blow more rub!
Q:What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens?
There are some other parameters: Lens mount Additional mirror thread size The composition of the lens number of lenses, a few groups Coating situation With or without aspheric mirrors Macro situation Whether or not the zoom motor
Q:Why is there a white dot on the camera lens?
It does not matter Just the liquid dry mark - and then wipe it
Q:What is the requirement for a camera shot?
Together with the above requirements, recommendations 1, large aperture lens is a must 2, if you can use the lens in the long focal length
Q:About wiping the digital camera lens
There are special lens paper is also very easy to use, it is difficult to wipe the stubborn stains, lens paper can be easily resolved.
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
If the bayonet is the same, it can be universal; But the current variety of SLR camera bayonet, Canon's EF bayonet, Nikon's F bayonet, Olympus 4/3 bayonet, Pentax PK bayonet and Sony (Kemei) α bayonet, etc. The Some machines like Canon and 4/3, because of the particularity of the bayonet, can be transferred through the ring, transfer the other lens, but like Nikon machine, it can not take its own any other bayonet lens.
Q:Camera lens stained with oil how to do?
To the pharmacy to buy some medical alcohol (which can be dissolved in oil) and cotton balls, and then dipped in cotton with cotton balls, from the center of the lens clockwise rotation wipe, pay attention to light to soft, do not stop halfway, a turn to the side, No more than once again.
Q:Why is the camera lens anti-blue?
The camera lens is anti-blue because of Camera lens on the film, this can improve the camera's imaging results.

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