Mounted Truck 8x4 with Hydraulic Telescopic Crane 16ton(21m high)

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Quick Details

·         Feature: Truck Crane

·         Condition: New

·         Application: all kinds of Loading and unloading

·         Rated Loading Capacity: 16000 KG

·         Rated Lifting Moment: 40 T.M

·         Max. Lifting Load: 16000 KG

·         Max. Lifting Height: 18M, 21M

·         Span: 6.2 M

·         Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)

·         Model Number: BJ1317VNPJJ-S5

·         Certification: CCC & TX

·         Warranty: ONE YEAR

·         Engine: WP10.310NE31

·         Power: 310 HP

·         Displacement: 9726

·         Overall size: 12000x2495x3690

·         Cargo box size: 8350x2316x550

·         Wheel base: 1800+4700+1350

·         Axle No.: 4

·         Rated load: 13550 Kgs

·         Tire No.: 13

·         Tire type: 11.00R20 Steel wire tires

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

RO-RO shipping or Bulk shipping

Delivery Detail:

20 days after deposit


2.AUMAN truck 8x4
3.HP 310 Engine
4.Crane max.lifting capacity:16ton
5.100% new  

 Main Parameter of Telescopic Crane 16Ton

       (Model No.: SQ1604---16Ton, 4-Section boom;Model No.: SQ1605---16Ton, 5-Section boom)




Max Lifting capacity



Max Lifting Moment



Max Lifting Height

18 / 21


Max.Working Radius

15 / 18


Max oil flow of Hydraulic system



Max pressure of Hydraulic system



Oil Tank Capacity



Rotation Angle

360° All Rotation

Crane weight

6,200 / 6500


Installation space



Derricking Scope



Number of Booms

4 / 5


Outrigger Span





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