Military Metal Bunk Bed CMAX-A14 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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1. Material: steel tubes, main tubes with Dia 50*0.8mm,25*50*0.75mm

2. Size: 200*900*172cm

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by plastic bags or as per customer's request

5.Loadability: 200pcs/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:The wardrobe smells so heavy. How can I get rid of it?
Should be able to sew a cloth bag, these will be poured into the cabinet, you can absorb the smell. The smell in the closet, mainly material, is glued together. The gum contains formaldehyde, which is especially bad for the body. Rural air is good, good open doors and windows ventilation, hoping to spread faster, really not, or suggest you throw away.
Q:Solid wood two door wardrobe, which kind of wood good?
Camphor wood: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, not easy to deformation when drying, processing, finishing, gluing better.12. willow: material structure slightly thick, moderate, easy processing, adhesive and coating with good performance. Slightly cracked and warped when dry. To make known as Philippines willow plywood board.13.: Rosewood hard material, texture, structure of medium, corrosion resistant, easy to dry, smooth cutting surface, finishing, good bonding.14. rosewood (rosewood): hard material, texture, rough structure, durability strong, shiny, smooth cutting surface.
Q:How many kinds of boards do cabinets and wardrobes have? What materials are they?
Cabinet plate, paint plate: paint plate advantages and disadvantages: paint board waterproof performance is excellent, dirt resistance ability, easy to clean up. Plate plastic sheet: the advantages and disadvantages of plastic sheet: blister type door colorful, realistic wood grain, color pure color brilliant, not cracking deformation, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, anti fading, and routine maintenance.
Q:Can you make a wardrobe for trees in your mountains? Do you buy wood or cut trees?
The timber of one's own home also wants to pass processing to be good, be inferior to the good that somebody buys, this is to point to effect; but in quality, to the influence of the human body, of course is oneself home is very good
Q:Custom sliding door wardrobe, the overall width can do 55CM, can you use it?!
550mm the depth of the cabinet, no problem!If you do the door wardrobe (sliding door), because the two rail groove has about 80mm of space, the backplane is generally 5mm or 9mm,
Q:Decoration cabinets and wardrobe, solid wood, multi - board or Blockboard good? What's the difference between the two prices? How about the plates in the picture? Price?
Do the materials as follows: moisture-proof plate (also called particleboard and wood particle board, MDF) (usually MDF, MDF / MDF, HDF is only used as a floor, who said his cabinet is made of high density board, it is fooled you) and blockboard (also called Daixinban), multilayer wood (or multi-layer solid wood board? Also known as plywood), solid wood finger board, solid wood board.Moistureproof board and MDF is best not to use, the cheapest, most durable, strength is the worst (MDF, and the strength is) not environmental protection (after all, want to use a lot of glue wood particles or wood fiber glued together).
Q:Who knows the wardrobe password box? Please let me know. Thank you very much
The drawer type password box has many functions, such as jewelry, purse, important document, etc., and the price is more tangible than the traditional safe. (the price of the good quality brand safe is more than one thousand yuan).
Q:What is the top cabinet in the wardrobe?
See the light plate = = 2 vertical plates (side baffles) on the edgeUsually the light plate is better than the top. The middle plate depth can be deeper than the middle baffle 20mm (the back board adduction 20), and also can only be deep 5-6mm (the opening 5mm is short of the back board)
Q:How to determine the picture size of wardrobe sliding door?
The three one is better. Two fans, you can only see half a wardrobe at a time, it is not convenient to carry out clothes. But you should pay attention to, then the best three fan made sliding door door, then there will be problems. If you can only do the door,
Q:What is the iron pipe used for the wardrobe, please explain it to your professional friend. Thank you
Don't use iron pipes, it will rust. I suggest you use stainless steel pipe

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