Metal Steel Safety Door for Decoration Nice Use

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Entry iron door- Wrought iron door 
1.hand forged and hand painted 
2.sandblast and hot zinc spray 
3 .poly foam insulation

Entry iron door- Wrought iron door
1.hand forged and hand painted ,can custom- made any elegant door you want.
2.sandblast and hot zinc spray  which creats more than 10 years of rusty prevention
3 .poly foam insulation. for sound , fire insualtion


Every door in our hand are one piece of art. We are endeavouring to make it perfect.

We value the satisfaction of our customer. For more surprise, please contact us

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Q:Metal doors made to look wooden?
Clean the metal doors with a degreaser, to take off any oils and try not to touch it much afterwards to prevent new oil from your skin. I used white paint, then you pick out the color of stain you like, or what matches your home. Then you can use a paint brush working long strokes (even coats) they don't have to be even lines. Just so it looks like wood. I love mine and have had many people do the same. Good Luck
Q:Aluminum doors and windows installed a long time how to protect the protective film
Basically did not solve the solution, you can try with hot air gun, but have to search patience.
Q:Repair small hole in metal front door?
small place on metal door, use some JB Weld follow directions an cover hole, prime and paint. Small hole in wood door use wood putty fill hole,smooth over prime and paint.
Q:Aluminum door above the door hinge hinge, they can repair it? What kind of screw?
Yes, as for the screw that depends on the door with which one, you can split a hardware store to buy a comparison.
Q:How to install hasp (for padlock) on *metal* door frame?
You need to drill a hole first with a metal twist drill bit. Get a drill bit that is the same size as the screw shank (the solid part below the threads - the hole must be smaller than the diameter of the threads, so there is material for the threads to bite into), mark the location of the holes for the hasp on the frame, and drill the holes to the depth of the screws. Then attach the hasp.
Q:Titanium doors and windows price difference is so big, how to identify true and false?
You have to compare from different aspects, high-quality titanium alloy wall thickness (in line with national standard), the effect of surface treatment, hardness and so on are particularly prominent, the price is relatively good titanium alloy prices than ordinary Much more expensive. Do titanium alloy or choose regular manufacturers, do not choose a moment of cheap street stalls, when the wounding has no guarantee
Q:What is the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
At least 350 will do more than
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy doors and doors compared to where the advantages
Although these two kinds of doors are indoor doors, but titanium and magnesium alloy are generally installed in the toilet, easy tide room, titanium magnesium alloy is not afraid of foam titanium magnesium alloy doors are generally glass, and wood doors, are generally installed Bedroom wooden doors are generally carved pressure lines, and now use the wooden door to do the bathroom are generally less titanium magnesium alloy
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows corner code used in doors and windows where the position
There are two kinds of horse, the first is the early out of the 7-type black plastic system. The second commonly used, mainly for window angle bonding, especially for 45 degrees angle dark combination. Bonding strength is very high, tightening screw 銯 6 ~ 8 mm two kinds. Answer please accept. Can ask again.
Q:what gets permanent marker off metal door?
Rubbing alcohol does a good job at removing permanent marker off metal and plastic surfaces.

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