medical supply:manual hydtrulic economical operating table

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Medical supply:manual hydtrulic economical operating table

Techart MT100B operating table is all mechanical operation.

MT100B is designed and made according to the requirements of market and users.Can apply to all level hospital for chest, Abdominal surgery,ENT,gynaecology and obstetrics,urology and orthopedicsetc.

Hydraulic lift by foot pedal,lateral tilt (left/right)and trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg  adjusted  by hand type gear mechanism drive. All mechanical structure,good performance on safety,reliability and stability.Nice appearance can be regarded as an ideal  operating table.


1) table top elevation using hydraulic system by foot pedal

2) lateral tilt,trendelenburge adjusted by mechanism handle

3) special antistatic and antibacterial material is used for pad cover

4) lateral tilt positions are obtained by crank situated on side of the frame

5) all mechanical structure, good performance on safety,reliability and stability

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