radiolucent orthopedic operating tables with C arm compatible

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Orthopedic C-arm electrical operating table with X ray compatible

ET700 operating table is all electro-hydraulic operation.Which is possessed of terse European type external form.The surface is made of  all 304 stainless steel . It's safe and reliable,the operation is simple and convenient.It very suits general operations,automatic base lock by remote control.

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) universally applicable

2) real radiolucency

3) advanced longitudinal shift

4) individual leg plate adjustment

5) flexibility and precision

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Q:Surgical instruments belong to several categories of medical equipment ah?
Surgical instruments on their own one, two, three to points. Depends on the specific name of the device Caixing.
Q:How to do with the cloth, a material how much
Long abdominal belly: suitable for general surgery after abdominal surgery bandaged fixed, with a fixed solid, practical and so on.
Q:Surgery in the fifties, what medical equipment, amputation
Surgery are "brutal", hacksaw is not an exaggeration, brain surgery, drill, hammer, all have. But done willing to give you more than usual tools to clean, strict disinfection ~ looks good ^ ^
Q:Who can give me all the surgical drawings and names of a surgery?
No teeth tweezers smooth forceps Vascular clamp Straight clamp Tourniquet tourniquet Toothed forceps Toothed clamp General Equipment Sponge Pliers (Straight, Cured) Sponge Pliers (Straight, Cured) Tissue forceps Tissue Forceps Mosquito-type Hemostatic Forceps (Straight, Cured) Mosquito-Type Hemostatic Forceps (Straight, Cured) Needle-Holding Pliers. Needle-Holding Pliers Hemostatic Forceps (Straight with Full Tooth, Cured with Full Tooth) Hemostatic Forceps (Straight with Full Tooth, Cured with Full Tooth) Common dressing force (without hook) Common Auxiliary Material Forceps (Without Hook) Hemostatic Forceps (Straight with Tooth, Cured with Tooth) Hemostatic Forceps (Straight with Tooth, Cured with Tooth) Tissue Forceps (With Hook) Tissue Forceps (With Hook) Surgical Scissors (Straight Rounded, Straight Round, Cured Pointed, Cured Round) Surgical Knife Handle Tissue Scissors (May's Scissors) (Straight Head, Cured Head) Surgical Razor Blade (Short Head, Long Head) Stitch-Cutting Scissors (Short Head, Long Head) Surgical Sewing Needle Pep Pincher / Towel Handkerchief Forceps Deep pull hook (large, small) Bathy-Tractor (Large, Small)
Q:The type of scalpel blade
When loading the blade, hold the tip of the blade with the needle holder so that the notch of the blade is aligned with the knife edge of the handle, and pull it with a little force. After use, with a needle holder to hold the blade back of the back, a little force to extract the blade to push forward to remove.     Other knife class has an amputee knife, bone knife, shaft take leather knife, drums and so on. In addition there are a variety of knives, R knife, laser knife, etc., they are mainly the use of high-frequency current, R-ray, laser, etc., through a specific device to achieve the purpose of cutting tissue at the same time to stop bleeding.     The scalpel is mainly used for cutting and separating tissue. Can be based on different surgical requirements, the use of unused tools. There are four ways to correct the way   1. Bow bow: is the most commonly used way of a knife, a wide range of action and flexible, forced to cover the entire upper limb, mainly in the wrist. For longer skin incision and incision of the anterior sheath of the rectus abdominis.      
Q:Are disabled items belonging to a class of medical devices?
Ward care equipment and utensils Disinfection and sterilization equipment and apparatus Medical cold therapy, low temperature, refrigeration equipment and equipment dental materials Medical Sanitary Materials and Dressings Medical Suture Materials and Adhesives Medical polymer materials and products involved in equipment
Q:What is the meaning of the stitches after surgery?
Three days should dressing, that is, re-disinfection dressing, 12 days the whole can be stitches, casually find a small hospital clinics can be stitches
Q:Do you have any responsibility for chest infection after surgery?
To see what surgery, if it is a clean operation, which is a class of surgery, the hospital has the responsibility.
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for surgical disinfection?
Boiling can make protein denaturation, so as to achieve the role of killing bacteria, so the method can be used to boil the medical device disinfection
Q:Surgical scissors belong to several types of medical devices?
Specific can be seen in the Food and Drug Administration in the medical device classification directory Hope to help you

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