2014 CE certified operating theatre table

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Medical equipment: 2014 CE certified operating theatre table

ET700A is a multi-functional operating table that meets various requirements of operations. Long horizontal sliding,suitable for C arm and X-ray.The “T-shape” base  design makes enough free  space for the doctors.

High automation,low noise,high reliability .

Key parts imported from abroad,can be regarded as a ideal electric table.


1) logitudinal shift for X-ray compatibility

2) ergonomic working conditions for hospital staff

3) individual leg plate adjustment

4) micro touch remote control

5) functional and versatile

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Q:How long will the wound heal after surgery?
Generally 7-15 days to heal, please ask your doctor when the stitches, this is not good to say.
Q:Surgical route of exogenous infection
Q:How to do with the cloth, a material how much
Long abdominal belly: suitable for general surgery after abdominal surgery bandaged fixed, with a fixed solid, practical and so on.
Q:What is good for the surgical instrument soaking solution
If not infected surgery, then wash the first dry, then oil (with gauze rub), and then packaged to high temperature autoclave disinfection
Q:Hysteroscopy equipment need cleaning tank?
3 equipment maintenance 3.1 correct maintenance is to ensure good performance equipment to extend the life of the key equipment in any case under the circumstances are necessary to take light, not throwing, friction, collision and at the same time one hand to take a variety of equipment to maintain the flexibility of the shaft, Sharp sharp sharp edges. 3.2 Note the protection of the mirror 3.3 protection of the conductor wire after cleaning can not be folded, the curvature should be greater than 90 °, to prevent fiber damage, affecting the use of results and shorten the service life. 3.4 for all types of pliers to check the activities of the joints often, pay attention to the closure of the clamp, joints coated with special lubricants. 3.5 sharp equipment should be covered with rubber protective cover 1) Piercing cone, the ring on the converter, rubber cap, if aging, the gap should be replaced in time, so as to avoid intraoperative leakage and affect the pneumoperitoneum effect. 2) There is a valve on the flushing pipe, which should be cleaned and cleaned regularly to keep the valve flexible. 3) all the equipment in the use, cleaning, maintenance process, the joints should not be strong pull, the tip can not touch the hard objects, the tube can not beat, the device can not be lost. In summary, laparoscopic equipment should be hand care, laparoscopic instruments and surgical instruments should be a profound understanding of the performance, master the equipment cleaning and sterilization and maintenance to ensure that the operation to maintain an effective working condition, making it more widely used In surgery.
Q:What are the surgical instruments commonly used in neurosurgery?
So much, how to say ah, in addition to commonly used equipment such as knives, pliers, etc., the most important need for electric drill, bipolar coagulation, brain pressure plate, etc.
Q:What is the principle of postoperative wound pressure
After surgery, the wound must have different degrees of bleeding, bleeding, and even the formation of hematoma or the formation of scrotal hematoma. The presence of these factors will affect the wound healing, is not conducive to the complete cure of abdominal hernia, and the presence of bleeding and hematoma, prone to wound infection, induced hernia recurrence, leading to surgical failure. Through the use of sandbags or other heavy objects to oppress the wound, can effectively reduce the wound bleeding, prevention of wound exudation and lead to hematoma formation and the occurrence of scrotal hematoma, for the success of surgery to create favorable conditions.
Q:What is the meaning of the stitches after surgery?
Three days should dressing, that is, re-disinfection dressing, 12 days the whole can be stitches, casually find a small hospital clinics can be stitches
Q:Do you have any responsibility for chest infection after surgery?
If conventional anti-inflammatory treatment There is no problem with surgery Hospital is not responsible Postoperative infection is one of the most common complications
Q:Hangzhou Mingji Medical Devices Co., Ltd. What is the operation
Company Name Hangzhou Mingji Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Registered Address Fuyang City Fuchun Street City Road North Road 80, East Building, 10th Floor Warehouse Address Fuyang City Fuchun Street City Road North Road 80 East Building, 10th Floor Legal representative Zhan Mingjun Enterprise leader Zhan Mingjun Quality responsible person Yu Yue Su License No. 011732 Business scope Class III: Medical optics, instruments and endoscopic equipment (except for implanted in the body or long-term exposure to the body of optical instruments), medical high-frequency equipment, implanted materials and artificial organs (medical titanium clip), medical Sanitary materials and dressings, operating rooms, emergency rooms, medical equipment and equipment, basic surgical instruments, medical ultrasound equipment and related equipment; Category II: software, medical electronic equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment sales (not including Disease diagnosis and treatment, counseling services) *** *** Date of issue October 17, 2011 Valid until October 16, 2016 Belongs to Fuyang City

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