super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

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Product Description:

Super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

ET700 electromotion facilitates the various adjustment of positions,intellectualized reposition enables the table a quick

return to  horizontal position.Automatically lockable remote control in case of wrong operation.

Large-scale elevation makes it easier for C-arm fluoroscopy examination .

With built-in kidney bridge.suits for kidney operation .

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) electro- hydraulic adjustment

2) ergonomic comfort

3) cost- effectively

4) muti-performance

5)advanced longitudinal shift

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Q:Disposable oral instrumentation belongs to which type of medical device
Belong to a class of 6806 stomatological surgical instruments. Production conditions: a class of product filing, a class of production registration form. Operating conditions: to resolutely open a class of medical equipment business liberalization, so as long as the legal procedures can be legitimate business.
Q:Is it suitable for maximal maxillofacial surgery?
Lanzhou Asia and South Korea maxillofacial surgery Note: first in the 2-6 months before surgery to quit smoking, alcohol, do not use sugar, tea, coffee, while reducing the intake of dairy products.
Q:Are medical tweezers a medical device?
Medical tweezers are medical device management Due to the many types of medical tweezers, tweezers of different uses may belong to different management categories, such as small vascular tweezers in the "basic surgical instruments", no injury tweezers, tissue tweezers, plastic tweezers, needle tweezers, ), Pull hair tweezers, towel tweezers, dressing tweezers, anatomical tweezers and so on are class Ⅰ medical equipment management;
Q:What are the surgical instruments commonly used in neurosurgery?
So much, how to say ah, in addition to commonly used equipment such as knives, pliers, etc., the most important need for electric drill, bipolar coagulation, brain pressure plate, etc.
Q:The type of scalpel blade
2. Written: gentle, flexible and accurate operation, easy to control the dynamics of the knife, its action and power mainly in the fingers. For short incision and fine surgery, such as dissecting blood vessels, nerves and incision peritoneum. 3. Hold the grip: the whole hand holding the handle, thumb and show finger pinching knife handle scratches. This method is more stable control knife. The main activity point of operation is the shoulder joint. For a wide range of cutting, strong organization, forced to cut the larger. Such as amputation, tendon incision, longer skin incision and so on.
Q:There is no professional website dedicated to medical devices 30
Belonging to the pharmaceutical, industrial classification code 68, the industry is the Ministry of Health management of the State Food and Drug Administration. (Equipment division)
Q:Help out the closure of medical devices and staplers What is the difference ah? Is the same product? What do you use?
6808 Abdominal surgical instruments: such as stomach stapler   6809 Urinary anorectal surgery instruments such as intestinal stapler
Q:The state on the implementation of medical equipment according to what classification management
Refer to the international classification, strictly grasp. Use risk is the basis for product classification. State Food and Drug Administration to develop a "medical device classification rules" Article 1 To regulate the classification of medical devices, in accordance with the "Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations" to develop these rules. Article 2 Medical devices are instruments, equipment, utensils, materials, or other items that are used alone or in combination with the body, including the required software. The purpose of its use is: (A) the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or remission of the disease. (2) diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, remission or compensation of injury or disability. (C) research, substitution or regulation of anatomical or physiological processes. (D) pregnancy control. Its use in the body surface and the role of the body is not used pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means to obtain, but there may be these means to participate and play a supporting role. Article 3 These rules are used to guide the development of the Catalog of Medical Device Categories and to identify new product registration categories.
Q:What are the sterilization methods commonly used in medical devices?
5, low-temperature plasma sterilization: Low temperature plasma sterilization is a new low temperature sterilization technique developed in recent years. Plasma is the gas or steam by the electric field or magnetic field effects, so that most of the molecules formed by ionization. Plasma sterilizer is composed of power, excitation, gas, transmission system and sterilization chamber, after the vacuum through the steam, steam in the electric field under the role of change into the plasma. The advantages of plasma sterilization is the sterilization effect is reliable, the role of low temperature, sterilization equipment does not need to be placed in the air to remove residual gas, no corrosion with the same. At present, many countries have begun to use this technology, mainly for heat-resistant medical equipment. Summary: The validation of the sterilization process is a necessary condition for aseptic assurance that the sterility of the sterilized product depends on the choice of the sterilization material, the appropriate sterilization process in the production process, the standardized GMP management quality management system, and the sterilization process Should be considered in conjunction with bioburden testing, environmental monitoring, sterilization procedures validation and sterility testing. It is important to emphasize that the sterility test does not guarantee the sterility of each batch of product, but it is the last inspection procedure before the product is manufactured. Adherence to the sterility check helps to improve the confidence of the sterilization process and the sterile operation The
Q:Orthopedic medical equipment products which
6858 medical cold therapy, low temperature, refrigeration equipment and appliances Serial number Name An example of a product name 1 Cold appliances Ice pack, ice cap, ice pad, ice bag 6863 dental materials Serial number Name An example of a product name 1 Casting embedding material An ethyl silicate binder embedding material, a phosphate binder embedding material, a gypsum binder embedding material, a model embedding material 2 Model material Generation type, gypsum model material, model wax, agar copy material 3 Dental auxiliary material Cleaning water, dental dispensing agent, alloy flux, bite paper 4 Grinding material Medical Sanitary Materials and Dressings Serial number Name An example of a product name 1 Dressing, fencing material Gauze bandage, elastic bandage, gypsum bandage, wound paste 2 Surgical supplies Surgical clothing, surgical caps, masks, surgical pads, surgical holes 3 Paste the material Rubber ointment, breathable tape Medical polymer materials and products Serial number Name An example of a product name 1 Drainage container Anal bag, set urine bag, drainage bag 2 General medical supplies Check gloves, finger sets, wash ear ball, vaginal scrubber, air cushion, anal bag, circle, set urine bag, drainage bag

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