Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Model number  Size

047792  5*75mm -

047794  6*100mm -

047796  6*125mm -

047798  6*150mm -

047800  8*200mm -

047786  3*75mm -

047788  3*100mm -

047790  3*150mm -

047791  5*75mm +

047793  6*100mm+

047795  6*125mm+

047797  6*150mm+

047799  8*200mm+

047785  3*75mm+

047787  3*100mm+

047789  3*150mm+

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Q:What is the rubber cover of the screwdriver cover?
TPE, TPR material! The former are PVC, and now most of the products are made of TPE material, and the hard glue part is PP or ABS. TPE material is also commonly known as synthetic rubber, which can be bonded with PP, ABS, PC, PA and other hard glue. It has good elasticity and anti slip performance. It is widely used in daily necessities, electronic products, automotive supplies and so on! The commonly used toothbrush handle and wrap part of our life is the TPE material!
Q:Electric screwdriver capable of regulating rotation number
If you need a more economical solution, can use fixed length electric screwdriver, down to the time of the specified length on the screwdriver, screwdriver and screw head screw rotation disengaged, no longer reaches the specified rotation number of the objective, but the method of consistency to the length of the screw is higher, can be customized special screws to achieve.
Q:How to use impact screwdriver?
Hello, landlord. The big black circle of the 1 handle is to prevent hand slipping. 2 the small black ring of the screwdriver is to prevent the use of a word or cross when the screw head falls off. 3 R and L respectively is a left and a delta is equivalent to the arrow for example you like to point to the left, Delta R, Delta L point to the right. 4 hands when will turn, but the activity is limited, say you want to screw delta point to L and then hand slightly turn around, is not to move, and then use a hammer impact screwdriver.
Q:The wooden handle of the screwdriver has uneven patterns
In the rotating part of the machine, the mounting of the bearings is to reduce friction by using (sliding friction into rolling friction);When the pulley is rotated, the belt is pressed (by increasing the positive pressure) to increase friction
Q:PH2 model screw pH2 what is the specification?
PH2 is a cross screwdriver with a pole diameter of 2.
Q:The electric screwdriver can not change the screw head
This problem is more trouble I often encountered, if there is a vice screwdriver head stuck pull some will pull out, there is a bayonet problem, some of the poor quality of the electric screwdriver often! If you can not, only the demolition, but it really hard to dismantle, you have to remember how to install back, or scattered, it is difficult to install back!
Q:What kind of cross screwdriver should I use for the relay line?
If is such a function, can be, he can be in series with the load circuit, but not parallel, because each contact impedance and will not the same as to the current uneven and misoperation, select the model must consider the load is AC or DC, what is the requirement of the current action. The biggest I've ever used is AC150A.
Q:The degree of fit between a screwdriver and a screw
A good screwdriver is a good material, many times it will not deform, of course, the accuracy is high, with good or bad, only screws, screw hole size is not standard, there is no way to match. With the beat of a screw hole, not beat spent.
Q:Which brand of impact screwdriver is of good quality?
The axial moving handle (1) compresses the firing spring (15), drives the impact hammer (2) to impact the rod (9), screws the screws, and then screws the handle to fix the screws. The screwdriver solves the problems of the positioning of the big screw and the slippage of the knife edge in the use of the common screw driver, improves the work efficiency, and is especially suitable for the construction and decoration departments.
Q:What screwdriver is good for the brand?
(remember) have great hardness quite awesome is domestic several times. We are using this unit if it is home you just buy German goods price is a little expensive 30-70 a small screwdriver.

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