Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Model number  Size

047792  5*75mm -

047794  6*100mm -

047796  6*125mm -

047798  6*150mm -

047800  8*200mm -

047786  3*75mm -

047788  3*100mm -

047790  3*150mm -

047791  5*75mm +

047793  6*100mm+

047795  6*125mm+

047797  6*150mm+

047799  8*200mm+

047785  3*75mm+

047787  3*100mm+

047789  3*150mm+

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Q:3 angle screw, in addition to 3 angle screwdriver, what can be opened?!
Fastener consultant Yu Wenlong believes that their best related information, come online is always false, meet the random response, smatter, is simply false or deceptive directly mislead you, even hurt you.
Q:The reason why the hair screws are fastened by an electric screwdriver is the reason for the screwdriver head
There is the tool does not stop completely, when rotating, remove the sleeve and other tools, usually at the beginning of the operation and at the end of the incorrect operation caused
Q:What's the screw driver for the M3 screw?
For example, M16-2X60 means metric threads. He said the specific meaning is the nominal diameter of screw is 16MM, pitch 2MM, length of 60MM, such as: 1/4 20X3/4 says is the imperial thread, his specific meaning is the nominal diameter of 1/4 inch screws (=25.4MM inch), there are 20 teeth in an inch in length, 3/4. In addition to the US made screws words in the general said behind inch screw with UNC and UNF, which is the difference between American crude and unf.
Q:Does anyone know the specifications of the screwdriver?
The cross pH indicates, for example, Ph1, pH2, PH3, etc.The word "PZ" means "pz1", "PZ2", "PZ3" and so onStar type T representation. Such as T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and so onThere are square, six corners, MITSUBISHI, word, and so onNumbers represent slot numbers. The smaller the number, the smaller the screwdriver
Q:What are the working principles and structures of pneumatic screwdrivers?
1 rpm:Speed is generally less than 500-8000r/min, because the motor is driven by high-pressure gas, the operation of high-pressure air will take away the friction of parts of the heat generated, so long hours of high-frequency operation will not be hot.2 torque accuracy:Mechanical brake, and changes in pressure will affect the stability of the torque of the screwdriver, so the error is greater, and the repeatability is about 5%-3%. (if the air conditioner is installed, it will be better.)
Q:What type of screwdriver do you use for Apple macbookair?
The back cover is a five star 1.2mm, the interior is not recommended, need some technology. Remove the ash and remove the back cover.
Q:What toolbox does the spanner screw at home use?
If you want to buy a special toolbox for Hard boxes, then you just put the length, width, height and weight of what I just said. Maybe you can buy it again and avoid buying it.
Q:Can I go through security through a high - speed belt and a screwdriver?
Will this be a problem? It's a little bigger. You can take it. It's not a control tool, so rest assured.
Q:What about the screw?
On the screwdriver head pad things, such as double-sided adhesive, non-woven fabrics, etc., if there is no condition, the paper can alsoThis will increase the intensity of friction!
Q:What kind of screw driver of computer power supply? What kind of model do you want to clean?
A screwdriver of a normal size can open the case cover. Do not deliberately want what type of?

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