Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Model number  Size

047792  5*75mm -

047794  6*100mm -

047796  6*125mm -

047798  6*150mm -

047800  8*200mm -

047786  3*75mm -

047788  3*100mm -

047790  3*150mm -

047791  5*75mm +

047793  6*100mm+

047795  6*125mm+

047797  6*150mm+

047799  8*200mm+

047785  3*75mm+

047787  3*100mm+

047789  3*150mm+

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

Magnetic Screwdriver Nut Screw drivers Rubber Screwdriver

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Q:No soldering iron. Can you solder it with a screwdriver?
Do not use electric irons, other methods are not welded.
Q:What is ratchet screwdriver?
In the cylindrical hole communicated Waiyuan cross extension block arc toothed belt at one end of the knife rod end is arranged on the gear, gear is arranged in a cylindrical hole and matched with the both sides of tooth. When the utility model is used, the screw can be screwed or screwed by the small angle of the handle, and the work efficiency is greatly improved, the labor intensity is reduced, and the working time is shortened.
Q:What screwdrivers do you need for the maintenance of an apple laptop?
All the screws in Apple notebooks need a special screwdriver, or the screws will be damaged easily. Better take it to the store.
Q:What are the storage methods for screwdrivers, screws, and nuts?
If there is no original box, food box can also be used to compare strong, at the bottom of a pad area according to the box cut towel, contact protection tool, screwdriver between the partition made of cardboard are separated, and then close the lid, and can be put in the toolbox or drawer.
Q:Use of Electric Screwdrivers
When you screw, pay attention to the point force, because the screw will automatically move forward, you do not follow in time, it will slip. Then is to practice the handle, big screw for how much torque is to hand grasp, timely release switch.
Q:Through cross screwdriver and screwdriver?
A screwdriver is a rotating screws to force the tools in place to twist, usually with a thin wedge head, the screw head can be inserted into the slot or recess -- Beijing Tianjin Hebei Jinyu and Shaanxi dialect called "screwdriver", Anhui, and Hubei, known as the "driver", the Midwest known as "the knife", the Yangtze River Delta region known as the "screwdriver". The main word (minus) and cross (plus two). There are also commonly used six corner screwdriver, including six corners and six corners outside two.
Q:Performance characteristics of pneumatic screwdrivers
Rotational speed:Speed is generally less than 500-8000r/min, because the motor is driven by high-pressure gas, the operation of high-pressure air will take away the friction of parts of the heat generated, so long hours of high-frequency operation will not be hot.Torque accuracy:Mechanical brake, and changes in pressure will affect the stability of the torque of the screwdriver, so the error is greater, and the repeatability is about 5%-3%. (if the air conditioner is installed, it will be better.)
Q:What are the principles of a screwdriver with a simple machine?
The distance from the line of action of You Li to the fulcrum is called the arm of an arm. According to the formula F1L1=F2L2, the more the smaller arm of changli. The utility model relates to a labor-saving lever, as the name suggests, the power arm is longer, and the power is small, so the utility model saves labor. But usually the effort saves the lever and saves the effort.
Q:What's the difference between an electric screwdriver and an electric drill?
35% of China's power tools are produced and sold each year. The main specifications of electric drills are 4, 6, 8, 13, 16, 19, 23, 32, 38, 49mm, etc. the figures refer to the maximum diameter of the drill drilled on the steel whose tensile strength is 390N/mm2 (). For non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials, the maximum drilling diameter is comparable to the original specifications of 30 to 50%.
Q:The making process of screw driver. Material Science
The general product is 65mm long, we cut out the length is 65.5mm, then use the caliper, because you want to cut out the length of the same, the next step will not have a problem, then it is different if you waste a heap.

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