Machinery Mini Loaders zl936 Wheel Loader

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China main port
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1 unit
Supply Capability:
50 unit/month

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Product Description:


Product Description



Technical Index:


Max. Dump Height(mm)


Rated Load Capacity(kg)


Wheel base(mm)


Wheel track(mm)


Overall Dimension(mm)


Engine type


Rated power (kw)


Rated Bucket Capacity(m3)


Total cycling time(s)


The Maximum speed(km/s)


Maximum climbing ability(°)


The tire model


The minimum

ground clearance(mm)























Kaida wheel loader is very popular for high quality and best price all over the world. Now we have more than 200 dealers in China mainland and also many dealers oversea, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, etc

1.Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer,we have own factory

2.Can you accept OEM or ODM?

Of course,Logo is also acceptable.

3.What is the delivery time?

About 15-20 days after order place.

4.What is your payment methods?

T/T    L/C   Paypal   West Union 

5.What is your order procedure?







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Q:Regular detergent in a front loader washer?
You certainly can use a regular detergent in a front loader........................
Q:Front loader washing machines?
I love softener in my wash. I use it but I cut it in half. The new H.E. washers use much less water so you don't need much softener. I've not had any problems doing it this way.
Q:how to acces windows boot loader from linux?
which boot loader is it? windows or linux (the one which loads the os selection) and losing the root password doesn't gives you too much option but reinstallation, but there are some hacks i came across, i'll try to figure them out, just let me know the answer to my query. i'll wait.
Q:What do I need to install on my Wii to use USB Loader GX?
use pimp my wii and it will install all de cIOS you need, after that you can install the loader normally
Q:Is the capacity of a front load washer really all that much more than that of a typical top loader?
The capacity may be bigger and so is the price tag.What you are saving in water over time you are spending up front for the machine.The soap is more expensive,and the machines tend to break down more often. If you are thinking of buying one do your homework!
Q:Is a electric paintball loader really help?
I am a semi-pro paintball player. I have 4 years experience,and i have a Spyder Pilot with a Empire Reloader B hopper. I will tell you if you should buy an electric hopper with my paintball knowledge. You should have an Electric Hopper with certain type of guns. Electric markers (smart parts, dye, spyder) = yes. Semi-automatic markers (tippmann, brass eagle) = No. Tippmanns are an exception. Tippmanns are woodsball guns and in Woodsball, you are looking for accuracy more than how many balls you can shoot so you wouldn't need an electric hopper. I would not get an electric loader if you have a lower end gun. Not many people have electric loaders with tippmanns and rightfully so because your not shooting much more than 5 bps (balls per second), so you wouldn't need a hopper that feeds about 10+ balls per second.. Electric loaders are made because it stops jams with paintballs, and feeds faster for more expensive and higher quality guns that have a high rof (rate of fire). Simply put, if you have a tippmann, brass eagle, viewloader, pump gun, non electric spyder, non electric wgp, or non electric pmi, then the Electric loader is not for you. Most everything else, it would be who or you to get one. Enjoy the sport of paintball, and have fun.
Q:Phaser 8560N - 13,387.48: The ink loader CYAN thermistor circuit is open Error.?
Per the Service Manual: 1 Check that the ambient room temperature is within specifications. Is the room too cold or too hot? If yes, fix, if no - Go to Step 2. 2 Ensure ground integrity (there's a procedure for that in the manual). Are all components grounded properly? If yes - Go to Step 3. If no - Resolve ground integrity. 3 Inspect and reseat the wiring to the ink loader. Check for open wires. Did this correct the problem? If yes - Go to Step 4. If no - Replace the I/O board or the Combined Right Cable. 4 Run the appropriate Ink Melt test. 1 = Yellow 2 = Cyan 3 = Magenta 4 = Black Did the test pass? If yes - you're done. If no - Replace the Ink Loader. There's a lot to checking and fixing Xerox printers, especially solid ink printers because of their unique technology. Also, you have be very careful to not spill the melted ink until it's cooled enough if you're moving the printer or taking out the printhead.
Q:C1 driver's license to drive 50 loaders, traffic police can revoke the driver's license?
II. According to the wheel type self-propelled mechanical vehicleSelf-propelled wheeled machinery is divided into rail wheel mechanical and ordinary self-propelled wheeled machinery (including tire and wheel) the former includes train locomotives, rail cars, rail cars, motorcycles, rail cranes and special railway construction machinery (excluding ordinary boxcars). The latter include cars, tires, cranes, roller wheels, self-propelled machines, tractors, harvesters, and special construction machinery (not including trailers for automobiles).Under the "quasi driving type" and "code"Codenamed C1, the quasi driving type for small cars, driving vehicles to small, miniature and light passenger cars, mini truck, mini light; special vehicles, driving to other quasi driving type C2, C3, C4.Code M, quasi driving model for wheeled self-propelled mechanical vehicles, quasi driving vehicles for wheeled self-propelled mechanical vehicles.
Q:how much grains do you put in a muzzle loader?
Depending on the gun twist whether to use round ball, minie ball, sabots, solid bullets- You should know the difference. But as a example of a patched round ball rifle- the old general practice to start was use 1 grain of FFG per point of caliber of rifle. This meant a 50 caliber base load was 50 grains of powder then the cloth patched undersize Ball- about .485 inch with oiled denim patch. The Small bores under .36 caliber rifles would use FFFG powder same standard- about 36 grains of powder for 36 caliber, 32 grains of powder for a .32 caliber. Pistols were roughly 1/2 the powder charge per caliber. Pyrodex volume loads use that equivalent. Is this a pistol, rifle, shotgun, replica military musket of civil war pattern, revolver?
Q:Why are loaders charging 24?
Mainly depends on the power to start the motor, if the use of 12V power as the starting motor power, the current will be doubled, and related wires will be thicker and increase costs.

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