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Appication: For different food container, such as dishes, plates, trays, etc

Alloy: 8011/3003


Thickness& Tolerance: 0.05mm-0.20m(±8%)

Width& tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Lubricant: Lubricant

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:What are ways to make an aluminum foil boat?
I think most people would go with turning it into a bowl shaped object, since thats a common concept of what a boat looks likeMaybe try rolling the sides tightly towards the middle so you end up with a pontoon tpye object.
Q:Vapor barrier in crawl space.HELP!?
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Q:How do I wrap an uncooked casserole in an aluminum foil pan to put in freezer?
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Q:What glue does the aluminium foil glass cloth adhere to the heat preservation cotton board?
HDPE insulated cotton can be glued with HY-T160 glue. This glue is specially used for bonding polyethylene PE material. Baidu search for one glue.
Q:what should i make for a 3 coarse dinner?
yeah i guess it's possible, a wide Flex Hose, some ductape maybe a few metal rods to support it so it's not rubbing on anything hot, and a filter of some kindMake sure you don't put it where it can be punctured by anythinga few zip ties would come in handy.

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