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Specifications of Little Picker:

1.Strong frame
2.Comfortable grip handle
3.Very suitable for the old people
4.Make life more easy and clean

Features of Little Picker:

The Little Picker is easy-to-use grabbing tool features an extendable, rotating arm that enables users to reach hard-to-get items without bending, climbing, or straining. Perfect for use around the home and yard, it has a comfortable handle with large trigger. Avoid painful or dangerous reaching situations with this lightweight, durable tool.

andle, the length of the handle can be customized.

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Q:Quickly clean the pool at the end of the dirt method, tools or techniques
It is understood that in order to ensure water quality, the health sector will soon introduce measures to force the installation of circulating water pool installation, the benefits of two: First, the water into the pool at the same time can be disinfected, even disinfectant sprayed into the water, disinfection The effect is better; the second is constantly circulating water disinfection, water quality is more secure.
Q:Room with a special cleaning tools are charged
Room wiring and other related things, we used to use here Phoenix, mainly because the standard cost-effective.
Q:Clean the newly renovated house to use those tools
First clean the bathroom, because the time to clean the room may be the first to use this place, buy a bottle of Mr. Wei Meng sprayed in the bathroom wall, so about 5 minutes, and then washed with water washed a clean;
Q:What tools are needed for interior cleaning?
Then the inside of the car inside the cleaning is for their own health thought. Today I sell my car network Xiaobian and you talk about car interior cleaning method. Hope to be helpful to you.
Q:To warm the cleaning tool to prepare with the process
Physical pulse wave cleaning, pulse cleaning using water and gas mixture generated by the vibration wave impact heating tube, so as to achieve the cleaning effect, the method is simple and the cleaning effect is good.
Q:What tools are needed to clean air conditioning?
ACC health wind perfect air conditioning foam cleaner (ACC) is a new type of green, environmentally friendly air conditioning cleaning products. Its unique formula allows you to enjoy the health of the wind.
Q:Where are the advanced convenience home cleaning tools?
I am doing a cleaning equipment company, we are generally professional cleaning company and hotel.
Q:Clean the house after the decoration, what cleaning agents or tools to help clean
Mop, towels, buckets, pots, disposable masks, plastic gloves, brush pots, 84 disinfectant.
Q:What are the materials and tools for cleaning tiles?
If fresh lemon, you can squeeze out the juice drops on the rust stains rubbed by hand, repeated several times until the rust stains removed, and then washed with soap and water.
Q:How to clean the barbecue oven?
Every time you use the oven before and after the oven should be clean, not just clean, and because the barbecue residue will be left on the roast, once again barbecue, then there may be sticky food, not easy to remove

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