Plastic Cleaning Squeeze Mop Bucket 14L

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Plastic Cleaning Squeeze Mop Bucket 14L
Item No.:T503
Dimensions: 14L bucket
Packaging: 10pcs

Economical Squeeze Bucket

1.Good quality plastic bucket

2.Scientific design to save labor

3.Easy step on the button to squeeze dirty water from the wet mop

4.Economical&efficient, popular for hotel and professional cleaning work.

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Q:What tools are needed to clean up?
Cleaning the necessary effective tools for three: washing the spirit, whether it is cleaning the kitchen or bedroom, the best is to use a combination of washing the cloth and broom together, so that both health and clean, not hurt the product, with environmental health, And can improve our living environment.
Q:Room with a special cleaning tools are charged
Charging cleaning is the application of special special cleaning agent, in a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment, electrical machinery and equipment in the normal operation of the case of its direct spray
Q:What tools do professional cleaning need?
Wipe the water mark, the cloth for the glass, the brush for the tire wheel, the small dry and wet truck
Q:Cleaning company's main cleaning tools, cleaning supplies which?
(3) hotels, hotel cleaning supplies and equipment: cleaning agents, fungicides, disinfectants (liquid), urging brightener, aerosol, deodorant, water purifier, bleach, pesticides, disinfection, Disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, soap machine, dry phone, shoe polisher, washing equipment, ironing equipment, cleaning barrels, cleaning and car, floor wax series, all kinds of wall surface stone, carpet conservation products and equipment Wait.
Q:What does the forklift cleaning tool need?
One to prevent the UV into the second to cause the thermal effect of the infrared as much as possible to reflect out. Some cars have been installed in the car protective film, and is the use of laminated glass, the protective film in the middle of the glass, which is the best way. Some cars do not pre-installed protective film, it would be affixed to a layer.
Q:What tools are needed to clean the façade?
High-altitude spider car: the use of spider cars, lift trucks and other platform equipment to the workers to the designated location for construction operations. The construction of the limitations of large, generally applicable to 36 meters below the difficult project. Due to high cost, rarely used.
Q:How does the classroom hygiene cleaning tool protect
There is the time in the use of special attention should not be too hard, and mop in the draggate when the foot should also be careful not to always hang
Q:What are the hood cleaning tools?
The range of screwdriver, large folding barrels, rubber gloves, large round brush, the use of high-temperature steam engine, pressure watering cans, oil powder 3 bags, plastic blade, towel 2, glass towel 1, , Plastic cloth, pure water, wire ball, heavy oil cleaner, apron, hope can help you yo
Q:What is the tool and material for cleaning inside the car?
Whether the interior environment is good for the health of the rider, has a direct impact. In fact, interior cleaning is not complicated, the owner can do their own, of course, this requires some tools to assist.
Q:What tools are used to clean up the dust in the computer?
If you want to clean the floppy drive, inside the drive, you also need to prepare the lens swipe, hair dryer, anhydrous alcohol, absorbent cotton balls, watch screwdriver, tweezers, leather tiger, paper clips, watch oil (or sewing machine oil), butter.

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