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Specifications of Wonderful Trash Picker:

1. made of aluminum, PP, TPR, ABS material.

2. we can make different size and colors reacher tool.

3. pick up the litter without bowing.

4. help the disabled one to reach something out of reaching.

5. pick up the rubbish and reach the high things

The pick up and reach tool made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum, this is a must-have tool for home indoor and outdoor. The spring-loaded grabbers have flexible rubber tips for a Sure Grip.  

Perfect for Trash Pick-UP/Putting up Decorations/Reaching Behind Furniture/Removing items from Tall Shelves

Size: 82cm long (fully opened)

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Q:What tools are needed for interior cleaning?
Car interior cleaning method. A good owner is both love to drive, but also know how to care for the car. If the body surface cleaning is for others to see,
Q:Is there a tool to clean the anti-theft window?
Because the current production of anti-theft window is not related to national standards, if it is selected King Kong mesh only need to use a damp cloth can be cleaned
Q:About how to buy a cleaning tool cart
On the Hechuan campus cleaning tools and daily items to buy the request at the leadership: the property company has just completed the formation of the Department of cleaning staff and cleaning items used by all the original Hee and property left residual items
Q:What tools are needed to clean air conditioning?
Can effectively remove all kinds of air conditioning evaporator on the dirt. Can remove air pollutants in the air, eliminate air odor. Can form a protective film on the fins of the air conditioning evaporator to extend the service life of air conditioning. Can prevent the filter plate and metal frame is corroded can automatically disperse the airborne solid dust
Q:Where are the advanced convenience home cleaning tools?
Cabo: You can buy a glass scraper and glass cleaner, wipe the glass with a wiping cloth with a glass cleaner, then scrape the water with a glass, and save you from the dry wipes. Wipe the dirty trouble
Q:What tools are needed to clean up the newly renovated room?
Tools: large vacuum suction machine, multi-functional wipe machine, glass set tools, lengthened rods, ladders, buckets, duster, marble blades, scrapers, water purifiers and so on.
Q:What are the special tools for cleaning room in the case of live room
Room wiring and other related things. Charging cleaning is the application of special special cleaning agent, in a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment, electrical machinery and equipment in the normal operation of the case of its direct spray
Q:Six meters on the pole on the monitoring camera to use what tools to clean
The cost of a separate monitor the camera does not take it, I suggest you do when the external wall cleaning
Q:What tools are needed to clean the façade?
High hanging board (rope way): workers use the hanging plate (rope) down to the designated location for construction operations. This construction method has the characteristics of convenience, flexibility and high safety factor. At the same time, take up less resources, to the maximum extent possible to reduce the daily work of the owners, the impact of life
Q:Usually the phone foil, with what is the cleaning tool?
I suggest you do not know how to go to the mobile phone shop to see how people film. It is best to take their own mobile phone to let people posted

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